Factors influencing the range of jamming radius of the interferometer blocker signal

We know that the interference effect of different jammers are not the same. So what are the factors that determine the jamming result?

The first factor that determines the effect of interference is, of course, the jammer's power. The more powerful the jammer is,the bigger its jamming radius can be. While interference radius can be as small as 5 meters, it can also be 1 km. This is because the power is different. Obviously, the greater the jammer's power, the better the effect, the higher the price it is. So, the most intuitive performance of the cell phone jammer is to see its power, which perform as its interference radius.

The second factor is the interference of the local signal strength, or can also be said that the distance from the mobile tower. The closer the phone signal tower, the stronger the phone signal, then the worse the effect of interference. If the local is near the signal tower, then the gsm jammer may have no effect, because in general, the power of the mobile tower is far greater than the jammer power. We also stressed that if you use the lower power jammers to block the higher power devices, such as high-power Bluetooth wireless router, it maybe can not work.

Finally, it is the local environment. Different environmental interference effects are also different. The range of interference in the open area will be greater than the place where there are lots of buildings. Which is why the measured jamming radius is often better than the actual range. Because the test is in the open place. As the signal can be blocked / disturbed by the stone walls, the grid forms Faraday cages (including "false" lead windows) and metal such as tin foil insulators, so the jammers are less reliable in indoor coverage. In other words, if you use jammers indoors, because of the walls, the glass can block the signal, you maybe can not interfere with the signals in another room.

These are several factors that affect the jammer radius. Of course there are some other aspects of the impact, such as the jamming device temperature. Here in jammer-buy we provide professional high quality jammers, if you have any questions, you can contact us.