Theater keep silence by use cell phone jammers

The cinema is a place of leisure to relax, it has become the people's leisure time will come to one of the places, at home and abroad, the heavier large premiere, it became more and more people choose. We can enjoy the wonderful music and thrilling movies in the theater, which will relieve our depression and make us more regular and healthy in our daily habits. During this time, of course, there is always a lot of unpleasant things, affect our this kind of leisure activities, they mainly mobile phone ring tones, loud on the phone is not civilized behavior, there are also some uncivilized behavior, etc. A growing number of theaters are beginning to install powerful phone blockers for mobile phone ringtones.

As Dennis Raylee once said, "Happiness is a small dose."

He mentions a biscuit or an incredibly insignificant thing in your life that brings great joy. For example, in the weekend you and your friends go to the theater to watch a wonderful movie. This is a little thing, but when we addicted to the film, we will get a different experience, you can escape the real world and immerse in the world created by the director. This will undoubtedly make us happy.

But when you are immersed in the movie world, if someone around you have a phone call, what would you feel? Of course, it' very terrible and you definitely will be very annoyed. And there is no doubt that all of us think that calling in the cinema is very rude. In the cinema, the phone call should be forbidden.

So how to stop people making a call in the cinema? Australia: the opera house and other venues ban mobile phone ringtones.

Obviously, the cinema can not let a big guy to stop people's using phones. It seems that it can only rely on conscious. Of course not, there is a small tool here can help-the cell phone jammer. Mobile jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals, so if you use mobile phone jammers in the cinema, then people can not have phone call in the theater.

In this regard, different people have different views. First of all, from the legal, different countries have the different laws about jammers.Some countries prohibit the use of jammers, such as the United States, and some countries allow the use of jammers in cinemas, such as Japan. At the same time, will you mind if you are watching a movie without touching the outside world? Some people will say that they do not mind having annoying people always behind them, but they will think twice when can not receive any e-mail, text or phone calls. People also worry about that the jammer will affect the emergency call.

But no matter what, if you want to prohibit people in the cinema using mobile phones, the use of gsm jammer is the most simple and effective way.

What do you think?