Using phone jammers to ban mobile phone fraud

Why the fraud telephone? Have you thought about that? How can a cheater know our telephone number? I think it should be easy to answer these questions. Fraud is the most common scam in the world, which is also known as telecom fraud. The reason we will receive a call from a fraud, on the one hand, the reason may be cheater random dialing number, led to the fraud, and this kind of fraud with the improvement of people's vigilance, its success rate is very small. On the other hand, because of the leakage of our personal information, the fraudsters can call us directly and understand our detailed information, which makes us more vulnerable to deception.

Now, some phone fraud is very common, the means of fraud are various and endless. There are many injuries received, the most of which are students and seniors.

Most students are lack of social experience and not sensible, sot the liars utilize students' information disclosure to do scams. Many young students are cheated because of that. Not long ago, a student died because of cheating and morbidity.From which we see the importance of information protection. The information is too easy to leak on the Internet, so, in some cases, we may need a wireless jammer to help protect the information.

How do you prevent telecom fraud? First we need to improve its own protection consciousness, the second we should reduce our information disclosure, at last, it is necessary to use a mobile phone jammers it can block cell phone signals, to a certain extent, to protect your information and telephone. With the increase of fraud cases, it is necessary to protect the information security of our mobile phones. Because of the intelligence of mobile devices, we have a lot of information and property on our phones.

For the elderly, many liars utilize their concern for the children and their unfamiliarity of modern technology, to cheat them. The liars will deceive the elderly to go to the bank and transfer money through the phone . Bank of Tokyo has begun to install gsm jammer in strategic ATM locations in the region in order to reduce the transfer of older people due to mobile fraud. This is to respond to the elderly as the target of the liar, ask them to go to the bank, and from the ATM to take out a child in need of money, while staying online, by telephone to deceive these elderly transfer. These devices are said to be low power, covering only about 2 meters of area.

To fight a liar, everyone is responsible. In order to deal with telephone fraud, first of all, we should pay attention to the protection of privacy, especially the protection of personal information, and secondly, be careful of the crook trick.