Hangzhou airport launched "black technology" no-fly drone

Recently, Lin yi (not his real name), a hangzhou drone player, suddenly discovered that his drone was not able to fly up near the seven castle peak. "I guess it is because it is near xiaoshan airport, and the relevant departments may have made some technical adjustments," he said.
In January, the unmanned aerial vehicle used to photograph civil aircraft near xiaoshan international airport in hangzhou. As the popularity of uavs has spread, similar incidents have been frequent: not long ago, the airport in chongqing was repeatedly disturbed by uavs, and more than 200 flights were diverted, cancelled and delayed, and tens of thousands of passengers were affected. Before that, the airport of chengdu and kunming, long water and other airports have had drones interfering with civil aviation flights.
Yesterday, qian told reporters that the control of unmanned aerial vehicles at xiaoshan airport has been launched and is being investigated for the prevention and control of cloud access system and electronic fence.
Also in yesterday, the national civil aviation administration issued a notice, 18, will be running the civilian uavs registration system, formally on June 1, the quality of more than 250 grams of uav implementation of registration, at the same time is to establish a system for unmanned aerial vehicle registration data sharing and query, crosslinking and uav running cloud platform in real-time.
The current situation of uav drivers in our province
There are many people who play and have fewer qualifications
Lin yi is a player in hangzhou's early contact with drones. Three or four years ago, he spent more than 7,000 yuan on a huge drone. He now has five drones.
As a senior player, fiki says, oneself after normal unmanned aerial vehicles driving training, has obtained the corresponding qualification, got the license, so for the basic driving techniques, can fly where you can't fly, he were measured. But he knows that there are not many pilots in this circle.
"Once I was flying, I saw several people flying in the same area as me." Lin yi told qianjiang evening news that this is not allowed and will interfere with each other.
At present, zhejiang model radio sports association has a remote control aviation model pilot training and license assessment (ASFC). The association relevant controller introduces, they carry out the project training from last year, so far, in zhejiang province, about 1000 people have been trained and got the license. But that number is far from the number of drone pilots in our province -- because such training tests are not mandatory, so the association says they can only actively advocate.
In Lin yi's circle, although few pilots have been trained, the vast majority still know that drones are banned in the clearance zone.
The airport pulled out all the tricks
Cloud access systems, electronic fences will be on duty
In order to guard against the "black fly" of unmanned aerial vehicles, hangzhou xiaoshan international airport has been under the multi-pronged approach. On January 18 this year, xiaoshan district issued the "no one can't touch" in the airport clearance area, informing the relevant management regulations and illegal penalty measures of uav flight activities; Recently, the airport specially compiled the hangzhou xiaoshan international airport obstacle clearance protection zone uav airborne objects such as the prevention and control work plan, ensure that the airport obstacle clearance protection zone of uav flight can be in time to stop. Today, the most anticipated "black technology" of the airport's approach is the "electronic fence" technology that has been tested.
Electronic fence, said popular point, uav is installed at the airport a interference drone jammer, "in the actual test, the radius interference distance up to 15 km." The relevant person in charge introduces. On the day of the test, the drone took off 11 kilometers away, and the phone was loaded with remote control software for the electronic fence. When the electronic fence was opened, the drone immediately lost its image transmission and link, and the drone could not accept the instructions, only to return to the ground according to its own GPS system, and the electronic fence would interfere with the success.
Formally on June 1, announced yesterday, the civil aviation administration, the quality of more than 250 grams of uav to implement the registration, and uav running cloud platform in real-time will also crosslinking, this is called the uav cloud. With access to the cloud system, it will not only provide a flight guide for the uav, such as weather services, but also effectively monitor the flight path, altitude and time of the uav.