Mobile communication signal jammers developping

Recently, li Ming plans to replace his phone with a business phone that can be used in two standby machines. Since July 7, when the national security bureau has tentatively determined that seven domestic mobile communication jammers have been designated manufacturers, his mobile phone has been almost exploded. "There are too many calls from investment funds, Banks, financial leasing companies and users."

The change comes from the relaxation of conditions in a particular industry that is facing the mobile communication jammer. Earlier this year, in conjunction with the ministry of information industry of the state secrecy bureau of radio management committee, northern jiaotong university developed the first industry standard of the secret meeting technical requirements and test methods of mobile communication jammer ", hubei province prison administration an unnamed person said the state department of justice has internal told around the prison within the scope of the relevant install mobile phone signal shielding device.

The policy and set them free

Cell phone jammer can effectively prevent cell phone leaks, detonation and noise interference, mainly used in secret meeting places, gas stations, prisons, important examinations, hospitals, theatres, etc.

Jammer - buy its products is called "cell phone signal shielding device," another shortlist for purchasing the state secrecy bureau enterprise jincheng confidential company is referred to as "mobile phone signal isolator," this is in order to separate the good and bad are intermingled of jammer products on the market. "Originally the jammer is only available in the market the power amplifier, interfere with the normal communication frequency to prevent cell phone base stations, and shielding device is in the mobile technology is set on the level of agreement, as between the base station and mobile phone set up a fake base station, the real network don't know how the presence of the phone."

Before the industry standard, mobile communication jammer manufacturers have been skating on thin ice.

Radio management committee, the ministry of information industry frequency planning officials said, although this product can protect information security, but if you don't control management, its flood, will affect the communication security and personal freedom, especially for mobile operators emphasize coverage, this kind of product is a great threat to its communication network. As a result, operators, including China mobile and China unicom, have resisted the influence of policy and government departments.

In the case of the operator's report and request, in shenzhen, there have been several manufacturers of jammers to be investigated by the local radio management committee. Mr. Li, who sells jammers at the segg electronics market, said that most of the jammers sold were civil, and it was difficult to ensure that some people were using them for mischief or illegal profits. Shenzhen a kiosk owner was because of the use of jammers interfere with the base station near by radio management committee is investigated, and the owner tried to make a call-box around 1 in the scope of the mobile phone no signal, so that people have to calling from a public phone.

"The market demand for jammer do exist, such as the government's confidential meetings, there can be no signal, and mobile, unicom company is commercial and information technology, unable to control the signal conditional coverage, so the best way for jammer industry is not exclusive, but to be regulated by the standard." "Said the person who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Jincheng confidential company, once the state secrecy bureau organized five domestic manufacturers of products for testing, to allow qualified products for sale, but from the point of the inspection of institute of radio management committee and the state secrets, some use of not too standard, even some products caused the interference, the base station of China mobile and China unicom interference, then stop the factory product sales. Subsequently, the state secret service introduced new standards at the beginning of this year, and the seven companies examined to become the new suppliers of legal products and have used products in the past will be replaced.

At present, more than 100 enterprises in China produce mobile communication jammers, of which shenzhen accounts for nearly a third. In the product line that has come out, the lowest end of the line is the price of a pen and mobile phone, which costs between 1,000 and 2000 yuan, while the high-end range is between 1.8 million and 3 million.