Wireless network is a kind of network signal that uses wireless communication technology to realize communication. Remote wireless network allows the user to establish global voice and data network of the wireless link, can also be as close to optimize the infrared wireless connection technology and radio frequency technology, a big difference compared with wired network transmission medium is different, use of radio technology to replace cables, can and the cable network backup each other.Wireless network is a new way of network construction. To some extent, the cable network has been abandoned. With a wireless network at home, you can sit in any wireless corner of your home and use your laptop to surf the Internet. You can easily access and enjoy the Internet.

WiFi and bluetooth technology, are of in short distance wireless technology used in the office and at home. The technology used is near 2.4 GHz frequency band, its the biggest advantage is the high transmission speed, 11 MBPS can be achieved, and its effective distance is very long, but also compatible with existing 802.11 DSSS equipment.The WEP, ieee802.11b standard specifies an optional encryption scheme called wired equivalent confidentiality, providing a mechanism to ensure wireless LAN data flow. WEP uses a symmetric scheme to use the same key and algorithm during data encryption and decryption.

With the development of wireless network technology, the illegal molecules, such as hackers to attack this kind of network, to crack the encryption mode, so that the wireless network has certain safety issues, for the average wifi Settings, a hacker can easily crack, then using wifi network to connect device to steal information or other illegal activities. Yes, the security problem of wifi is widespread, especially the security problem of public wifi attracts more attention, because there are more people connected to public wifi, which is more valuable to hackers.Therefore, wireless scrambler entered the market and became a tool to protect data security. To protect your wireless network, it is necessary to buy a wifi jammer as an information security tool.

You need a quiet environment at work. I got into trouble for ringing the telephone during the meeting. I don't like the sound of mobile phones crying. In order to provide a rest environment for the office, some countermeasures need to be designed. The use of equipment beyond the range of radio signals is a measure. Many employees spend a lot of time on mobile phones at work. It is necessary to install mobile phone jammers in the office. I manage the staff as my boss. It's hard to improve efficiency. In order to improve the efficiency of employees, employees are required not to use mobile phones. Depending on the signal strength of the specified area, it can be closed up to 30 meters. If you don't want to affect other areas, you can use this adjustable feature to adjust the cutoff radius. This cell phone wifi jammer is in the office.

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