The Global Mobile Communication System is the GSM band that we need to talk about on this page. The Global System for Mobile Communication is the most widely used Mobile phone standard at present.GSM network is also our daily call by 2 g network, it is our basic services such as mobile phone basic voice calls and text messages of frequencies, the earliest of smartphone is developed based on the signal frequency.With the development of signal network, GSM is replaced by 3g and 4g signals, and the utilization rate of GSM in the market is gradually compressed and reduced, because 3g and 4g have many advantages such as faster and more smooth.

Although the use of GSM currently on the market has not just started being developed share so much, but it has been gradually put into use in other major fields, if the GSM is used in the mobile communications network will be shut down or stop the service, so the GSM will be in other application fields have a wide development.What's more, current mobile phones will support GSM network, after all, our telephone communication needs it to provide frequency support. This is why there are so many mobile phone noise, harassment and other problems. Caused based on GSM network, you may need a GSM scrambler, it produces radio waves, similar to the GSM network band mobile phone cannot very good resolution, so as to prevent the mobile phone communication services.

Yes, if you've been suffering from a ringing or noisy cell phone, buying a GSM jammer is the best solution. Design of a portable you anywhere in the shielding device easy to use, you only need to provide enough power to it, not only that, but it is also easy to conceal, is not easy to be found by others, for you to use, is extremely convenient, including your car.

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Portable GPS LoJack Blocker WiFi GSM 3G 4G Jammer

3g gsm jammer

The eight antenna handheld jammer is very popular in the market, with the antenna means it can block more signal types, can block the common GPS tracker and lojack tracker tracking equipment, shielding radio signals, including wifi and bluetooth, in addition, all of the mobile phone signal frequency GSM, 3 g, 4 g will be stopped, when it works, its radius of interference can be up to 30 meters, it is enough to make you in a safe environment.


Handheld GSM 3G 4G LTE Cell Phone Frequency Jammer

gsm 3g 4g lte blocker

6 antenna handheld mobile phone jammer, it can interfere with the GSM, 3 g, 4 g signal types, at the same time we also provide GPS and wifi signal frequency interference combination, beautiful modelling makes you with the best experience, interference radius in 20 meters, buy now you can enjoy 41% discount, free shipping services, etc.


3 Bands Mini Portable GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker for Car

gsm gps blocker 3 bands

3 antenna mini handheld GSM + GPS, GSM +3g signal combination jamming devices have many features, such as small, easy to carry, small weight, easy to hide, and convenient to use anywhere. Radius of the interference of one of the most important is that it up to 15 meters, under the same modelling jammer, it belongs to the strong blocking device, car charger, you can get for your vehicle use very convenient.