Box gsm 3g scrambler

Are you being bombarded with harassing phone calls? Do you want to ban mobile phones at home? However you don't have any good way to solve this problem, do you want to use a signal jammer device, a signal will be completely shielded, so that the mobile phone can't normal to connect to the Internet, is that it won't work.

Yes, the personal information under the condition of serious leakage, we suffered by mobile phone harassment is more and more serious, there have been done, can be received more than 10 harassing phone calls a day on average, which comes from the marketing, fraud, etc.Poisoned by telephone harassment, we should carry and use box device jamming 3g GSM jammer prevent mobile network signal, not only that, but also can prevent surrounding the use of mobile phones, will the loud call uncivilized behavior is prohibited.

GSM and 3 g signal is most phones on the market at present the mainstream of the network, so you need to ban the use of mobile phones, can buy a GSM 3 g scrambler.

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Pocket GPS GSM 3G Jammer WiFi Signal Blocker

pocket gsm scrambler

The box a pocket GSM + 3G signal scrambler, in addition to this signal disturb combination type, also provides wifi or GPS signal shielding device, it can remove the battery, interference radius around 10 meters, easy to carry and hidden in the pocket, car charger, you can get more convenient for car use.


Portable GPS LoJack Blocker WiFi GSM 3G 4G Jammer

3g gsm jammer

The eight antenna handheld jammer is very popular in the market, with the antenna means it can block more signal types, can block the common GPS tracker and lojack tracker tracking equipment, shielding radio signals, including wifi and bluetooth, in addition, all of the mobile phone signal frequency GSM, 3G, 4G will be stopped, when it works, its radius of interference can be up to 30 meters, it is enough to make you in a safe environment.


High Power WIFI GPS GSM 3G 4G Cell Jammer Adjustable

gps gsm wifi disruptor blocker

The desktop high power jammers took 5 antenna design, aluminum material ensures good heat dissipation effect, on the use of different places, have different interference frequency band combination type, interference radius can be up to 30 meters, the modelling of elegant and powerful features make it very popular in the market, if you need a desktop interference device, it is a good choice.