The cell phone signal scrambler aims at the upstream and downstream channels of the mobile phone system, and uses the technology of double frequency, frequency division and frequency hopping filter to analyze the required shielding frequency. A spherical shielding space is customized according to the power size of the shield, and the shielding magnetic field is automatically formed within the specified range so that the mobile phone (PHS, GSM, CDMA) is invalid in this space.

The conversation about the telephone is on the rise. Mobile devices are very popular. I make life very convenient. This may be a violation of smartphone behavior. We use devices that make our phones unusable, troubleshoot all kinds of phones and create comfortable Spaces. Sumaho changed our lives. It brings a lot of convenience. But many problems are happening. Mobile phones are often a problem on trains. I often hear statements like "please turn off the power of your phone." It's not working. In this case, someone wants to block radio waves. To meet the needs of these people, a mechanism called hyperscope devices has been developed.

Effective shielding all kinds of mobile phone signals, block the intercom and receiver of the communication between the grafting on the intercom system of various types of stealth wireless headset (including detection against shield, headphones) cannot work normally, shielding cell phone signal only, do not affect other electronic equipment to work normally.

Will the cell phone jammer be radioactive, harmful to the human body?

About radiation, as long as electronics are large and small, there is radiation. Any electrical appliance will have radiation. As we usually used in mobile phones, rely on every day in your ear radiation is inevitable, every country has set up a standard to cell phone radiation, and radiation produced by our mobile phone signal shielding device is lower than the national standard, but also not want to rely on every day in the ear, so there's little harm to human body.

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