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The universal use of mobile phones greatly facilitates communication between people. Even within a thousand miles away, you can easily contact friends or family members. This is the best effect of mobile phone development. Smart phones make people's life colorful. It combines the functions of a phone and a camera. The perfect function and photography experience make it an important tool for people to live and work.

Although smart phones are very convenient, and the coverage rate used in various fields is very large, we must pay attention to the problems that may be caused by mobile phones. Mobile phones are convenient for us and they also create different problems. While facilitating us, they may cause adverse effects on others. Therefore, they may need to ban mobile phones. The use of cell phone jammer to kill mobile phone signals is the most common method.

In many public places, the use of mobile phones has been banned. For example, concert halls in concert halls in France have used mobile phone signal scramblers to be legalized. In other countries, the most used mobile phone jammer is the school we are familiar with. In addition, for prisons, libraries, courts, etc. need to kill cell phone signals.Mobile phones may result in the loss or theft of data of confidential units. The prohibition of cell phones is the most basic practice. Prohibition prompts will appear in every place. In these areas, cell phone signals will be killed.

According to the tender, the agency must ensure that enough jammers are deployed and installed to block the testing center's mobile and bluetooth services. Another requirement is that the jammer with or without power is run throughout the test without technical interference. There are various gadgets on the market that can be customized for salwar kameez suits, sports bras, jackets, shirts and plain buttons. In may, the Supreme Court ordered the center to install telephone jammers at test centers to prevent paper leaks and other abuses. The guidelines were created after suspected fraud in the pre-print medical examination (AIPMT). Many aspiring people have their sim CARDS sewn into their shirts and equipped with bluetooth devices.

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As a powerful desktop signal scrambler, it has a variety of combinations of shielded signals, in which the mobile phone signal is the most basic shielding frequency, and the GPS and wifi signals increase on the basis of mobile phone shielding. The diversity of the interference frequency is the current interference. The mainstream market trend is that its interference radius is 30 meters, depending on the region.