Harassment phone suppressor scrambler

With the leakage of personal information and the increase in telephone marketing, we have received more and more harassing calls. We receive a lot of harassing phone calls every day. For our information, they may understand it clearly and it may just be courtesy. Sexually asking about some of the services we need will cause great harassment to us.Do you have a good way to intercept harassing phone calls? For this issue, I believe that everyone has their own practice and their purpose is to prevent phone harassment.

One of the ways I recently saw a solution is to press the number keys after the phone is connected, and the other party receives a high frequency sound, which is very harsh. Of course, this requires time for you. Usually we are busy with our work life. Do not want to receive a similar call. Of course, I usually set the phone to be quiet so that I can work at ease or drive my car. I wouldn’t bother to check if there’s a phone call from time to time. If I call you repeatedly, it’s really something. The harassment call No answer will generally jump directly, no way, is this kind of society, I also hate, can only do these!

Harassing phone suppressor is another way to solve the harassing phone calls.Of course, these are just one of the ways. If you offend some crazy cell phone harassment because of certain actions, he may crash you, and you can't feel safe at work or in life. You can't even use your cell phone. So having a cell phone jammer to turn on when necessary, intercept harassing calls and reduce the harassment we receive is an excellent tool. What are you waiting for?

It is not practical for operators to achieve this goal, and it will definitely affect their neighbors. If we lock the student phone number from the background, the student phone will be suspended in some cases. It sounds like a good idea, but the problem is that it's hard to be recognized. Students do not have credit, if there is no permit, the operator has no right to do so. The good news is that one technology that may be relatively effective is scanning Numbers to find out which students are using their mobile phones and run point management. However, the technology is not open to the public and is mainly used by public security departments. Therefore, it is very difficult to protect cell phone signal from technology. This could be a problem for other schools. How we handle it, we may need a more mature and intelligent plan.

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3 Bands Portable Mini Lightweight GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker Easy Hidden

A small portable GSM jammer which can shield the most basic mobile phone signals and has a 3G or GPS satellite signal shielding function scrambler. It is professional for the interception of harassing calls. The small design is convenient for you to carry. Outdoors, wherever you are, you can turn it on to shield signals, and the maximum interference radius is 15 meters, enough to provide a better environment for you.