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Examinations are a way for many countries to select talents, and they have a better chance of passing the important national examinations. Therefore, cheating is often found in these examinations. Some lazy, will take to cheat this opportunistic practice, they hold fluky psychology, as long as cheating was found not to earning good grades, this is a common phenomenon.

Cheat on the test method are many, the original is the use of textbooks to cheat, this way of cheating is difficult to realize, and another is to use electronic products cheating, presumably by important people will know this exam cheating. The high school entrance exam is one of the most important exams in life, and the requirement of nature is also stricter. Cheating in exams is strictly forbidden, no matter what kind of cheating. In order to prevent the occurrence of cheating in the exam, many fitted with cell phone jammer in the venue, stop all use cell phones to cheat behavior, not only that, this kind of portable phone suppressor can also signal shielding and bluetooth wireless wifi network signal transmission. In this way, it prohibits all electronic devices from cheating.

Mobile phone suppressor are the devices that are used in many countries, not just in the examination room, in the national scientific research units are used, because these places need strictly confidential data signal, does not allow the network service here attacked by the criminals, resulting in serious losses. Cell phone suppressors are very popular, and the protection of cell phone security and shielding signal is the most commonly used function. Due to its powerful features, it is widely used. If you need to ban mobile phones in some places, you should also buy one.

3G 4G Wimax can interfere with the remote control car design at the same time cut off from 4G WiFi Wimax gsm, 3G GPS signal, and has a good encryption function, as a function of the signal intensity of the region, a given distance block up to 20 meters. In addition to the GPS jamming 4G for qualified GPS receiver all external antenna to outside, but the TX including the latest design and internal fan cooling system also make the handheld GPS wireless network of 4 g mobile phone immobilizer good progress smoothly all the down link frequency. In addition, because it is by selecting the key, you can adjust or not affect other disable all band of frequencies, there are a lot of people are looking for such a design is really 4G bluetooth GPS jammers a comfortable design choices bag report interference.

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This is one of the most popular products in today's signal jammers, which has a variety of interference frequencies, GPS and lojack tracking signal screens, wireless signal wifi, bluetooth transmission signal blocking, mobile phone basic type interference devices GSM, 3g, 4g. Both portable and affordable features are attractive to you, with a 61% discount you can get and the maximum jamming radius can be up to 30 meters.