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Today's mobile phone signals are almost ubiquitous, and all electronic devices are surrounded by them. Without using the cell phone when the envelop of the signal to other electrical equipment trouble is negligible, and this is because, when not using mobile phone, there is no data communication between mobile phone and base station, it is not perhaps a shock signal, electrical equipment is surrounded by a relatively stable electromagnetic fields, which is a kind of static electromagnetic field, the static electromagnetic fields of electrical equipment near zero. And the use of mobile phones when there will be a communication with the base station data, also takes place the random shock signal, the electrical equipment constitutes a dynamic electromagnetic field around the dynamic electromagnetic field signal, the disturb signal of the shock is induced, easy to cause disorder of the function of the electrical equipment. That's what cell phone jammer mean at gas stations.

All kinds of large and medium-sized examinations: facing many examinations, from the small to junior high school entrance examination, to the large to the college entrance examination, civil servants recruitment examination and other national examinations. And in order to prevent students cheating, in all kinds of large and medium-sized test, it is necessary to use technical means such as mobile phone disruptor device, the signal is blocked within the venue, to get to the needs of mobile phone unable to communicate, to get to the Internet, so can very good guard against the examinee shadowing.

Party and government organs, companies: party and government organs, companies and so on, also have a demand for mobile phone disruptor devices. The frequency of the party and government organs, companies such as the meeting can be said to be very high, and to make participants more focused on meeting, deeper study conference spirit, is also necessary to guard against the use of mobile phones.

Military stronghold, prisons, detention center: some of the requirements of strict control area, like military stronghold, prisons, detention, etc., the degree of secrecy is very high, for mobile phone should be strict control. In areas such as military sites, prisons and detention centers, blocking cell phone signals can greatly prevent leaks.

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