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Phone reception blocker

In short, it is a software architecture independent of hardware. With the continuous development of network technology, it can be dynamically enhanced to adapt to changing technologies. Most cellular blocker on mobile phones transmit at the same radio frequency as nearby phones, sending louder, stronger signals to nearby towers. Therefore, when the blocker is activated, its signal immediately blocks all other competing signals, and the nearby tower cannot support anything beyond this powerful and manufactured signal. In other words, the blocker is seen as a siren that kills any conversation nearby. Many countries do not allow individuals to use mobile phone signal interference devices, but in many large occasions, especially in schools and prisons and other countries that pay special attention to prison bases. In the United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and elsewhere. Almost all of these countries allow cell phones to be banned from prison. Some of them allow it in schools and even in theaters. Music buffs, Broadway buffs, moviegoers and many others don't have to worry about such rudeness if theater vandals kick a second in the dark. Of course, there is always an emergency, or a doctor on call, or you have to make sure that the caregiver can contact their parents.

The principle of cell phone jammer is by issuing the same frequency signal types and cellular phone frequency, make the two signals collide with each other and offset each other, so that the equipment can not correctly distinguish the signal frequency, which block the communication between the two devices. Simpler devices block only one set of frequencies. High end devices can block all frequencies at the same time. Mobile phones are fully duplex devices, which means they use two different frequencies. Advanced scramblers can disrupt not only all cell phone signals, but many other signals as well. It also has a unique frequency switch that can be selected on demand.

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