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Mobile phone network be widely used for mobile device,buy mobile signal jammer is necessary.

Mobile network signal jammers

The signal interceptor of mobile phone adopts double frequency filtering, crossover and frequency hopping technology to analyze the shielding frequency required by the upstream and downstream channels of the mobile phone system. The sphere protection space is customized according to the shielding power, and the protective magnetic field is formed automatically within the specified range, making the mobile phone (PHS, GSM, CDMA) invalid in this space.

Effectively protect all types of stealth wireless headset transceiver and internal communication between internal communication system receiver radio and receiver cannot work normally they can only stop the mobile telephone communication network signal, but does not affect other electronic devices.Mobile cellular network signal in the use of mobile phones is very important, all of the world mostly depend on the network of communication signals, thus to stop the illegal ACTS related to this, or other prohibited behavior, need to consider the use of mobile network signal jammers.

Yes, before 5g came into use and became popular, 3g and 4g were still the mainstream mobile phone signals in the market. They will still dominate the market for some time to come. The portability of mobile phones to a certain extent determines the portability of the 3g 4g network signal blocker. Blocking 3g and 4g signals from mobile phones will discourage the use of mobile phones. If you want to ban mobile phones at home or elsewhere, you can buy a handheld cell phone signal jammer to help you.

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