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4G, the fourth-generation mobile phone standard, uses technology that includes both td-lte and fdd-lte (technically, LTE is only 3.9g).4G is a combination of 3G and WLAN, which can quickly transmit data, audio, video and images. 4G can be downloaded at speeds of more than 100Mbps, 25 times faster than the current broadband ADSL (4 MBPS) for home use, and almost all users want wireless services.The 4G mobile communications system uses new modulation technology to ensure spectrum utilization and extend the life of user terminal batteries. The G mobile communication system puts forward high requirements for receivers. The intelligent antenna has intelligent functions such as suppressing signal interference, automatic tracking and digital beam adjustment.4G lte has improved and enhanced 3G air access technology, using OFDM and MIMO as the only standards for wireless network evolution. Since both HSPA and HSPA+, upgraded versions of WCDMA network, can evolve into the state of fdd-lte, this 4G standard has received the greatest support and is the mainstream of 4G standard.

Smartphones are also good for our lives in many ways. However, there are many problems. Walking and driving on a smartphone can be dangerous. Walk while operating your smartphone. I heard of the news that caused the traffic accident. It can lead to serious traffic accidents. There are many dangers, such as the damage caused by an accidental fall. When using a smartphone, it is important to keep the rules and methods and use them safely and happily. There is a jamming machine that invalidates a smartphone's signal.

4G LTE standard consists of two different duplex modes, TDD and FDD. TDD stands for time division duplex. FDD, on the other hand, is carried out simultaneously at different frequencies at the upstream and downstream branches.4G LTE has the advantages of high-speed upstream and downstream, efficient spectral utilization, flexible system layout and lower wireless access delay.So far, 4G is still the mainstream of mobile cellular signal, almost all the mobile phones on the market will support 4g lte cellular networks scrambler, so want to ban the use of mobile phones, you must can block 4g lte signal frequency.We know There are 4g jammer on the market, so there are 5g signal jammer on the market sales?

4g lte as an upgraded version of the GSM and 3 g network, they are based on a lot of military communication equipment or use some traditional communication facilities, so for this two kinds of signal shielding is necessary. When you search cell phone jammer on the Internet, you will find that almost all of the devices will support both shielding the three cellular signal frequency, all mobile phone cellular frequency to ensure you can prohibit the use of mobile phones, when you need.

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