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What type of signal network does your phone use? Yes, I think it must support the most basic gsm signal, in addition, it will also provide 3g, 4g or 4g lte signal types, because this is the most popular combination of mobile signal types in the network. In poor places, we usually only use the most basic gsm network. It is stable and hard to be disturbed. However, its nemesis gsm jammer can prevent multi-functional cell phone jammer from shielding almost all mobile phone signal types. , wifi or GPS depends on your choice.

It is understood that the mobile phone signal masker on the market can limit the mobile phone signal from 500 meters away from the launch pad and has a radius of >20 meters. The shield radius is adjustable, it only shields the mobile phone signal without affecting other electronic devices. Save energy, power 20W - 480w.Portable cell phone signal screeners are aimed at small and small sites at home and abroad that require special security and confidentiality, such as confidential offices, negotiation rooms, mobile vehicles, mobile politicians, and business leaders to escort the scenes. They will not interfere with other electronic devices in the environment. jobs. When the mobile phone is far away from the screen, it can be used normally.

Due to the widespread use of 4G signals, smart phones are also developing rapidly, and the problems caused by mobile phones are ubiquitous, and you may be suffering from them. Therefore, many people choose to use mobile 4g scrambler to block the market. This scrambler has a variety of designs, depending on the occasion, you can buy different types of jammers, handheld is popular, it can user your indoor and outdoor, effectively protect your privacy and Block mobile phone harassment.

The residents near the school were very upset when they arrived at night. Their cell phones had no signal, but the signal was very bad. There was a lot of noise on them. Only when they complain to the mobile operators do they know it's just the phone that bothers the school. At first, the directors said, they just wanted to block cell phone signals, like a meeting of government agencies. When they installed it, they tested it and never expected it would cause too much trouble to their neighbors. He said they had turned off jammers and apologized to residents of the area.

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Handheld Portable GSM 3G GPS WIFI 433 315 868MHz Signal Phone Jammer 4 Bands

This 4 antenna handheld design GPS WiFi remote control jammer has 5 kinds of signal shielding combination type, its maximum shielding radius of up to 15 meters, stylish shape and powerful features make it very popular, more importantly Its more competitive price, high quality jammers you can get.