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Mobile phone signal shielding problem in all countries of the world is attached great importance to the problem, mobile phones may be our information stolen, reveal confidential information tools, protection for mobile phones, is the necessary measures.Preventing mobile phones from becoming an important tool for file leaks, or the use of mobile phone fraud, will be used in many places. The school uses cell phone jammer to prevent students from cheating in important exams.

These days young people know a lot about etiquette. Refrain from unpleasant behavior. The jammer sends a signal at the same frequency. Cell phone signal area is invalid. The first mobile android jammer was developed and used by the military for communications purposes. Use it in one place to control enemy communications. At present, the number of smartphone users is increasing every day. Mobile telephone jammers are becoming citizens by comparing them with electronic devices used in telephone jammers to invalidate telephone signals at specific locations.

One of the most important reasons why mobile phones can be an accessory to information leaks is the security of the phone itself. When it comes to the security of mobile phones, we might think about the security of the system. Yes, the security of the mobile phone system greatly affects its security.The mobile systems we now know are mainly android and iOS, which account for more than 95 percent of the market. IOS is an operating system optimized for the Internet - similar to a local operating system. In short, it is a software architecture that is separated from the hardware, and with the constant development of network technology, it can be upgraded dynamically to adapt to changing technologies.Known for its high security and fluency, iOS is the mobile phone that many young people are after, and because of its high price, android phones now use more android phones than iOS.

Android is a free and open source operating system based on Linux, mainly used in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android itself is a separate operating system. The core design idea of the ndroid security architecture is that, by default, all applications have no access to other applications, systems, or users. Because of its open source, its security has not been completely guaranteed, which has become a reason for its complaints.The security features of android phones are not guaranteed, so it is necessary to use android system phone jamming device.

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