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Do you want to know the major cell phone frequencies in the United States? Do you want to know the major mobile phone operators in the United States? Here you will find the frequency of the American cellular signal that you are interested in.Currently, there are four main communication operators in the United States:

CDMA EVDO/CDMA2000(3G):850MHz,1900MHz
LTE(FDD):700MHz(Band 13),1700Mhz(Band 4)
Verizon Wireless is the largest Wireless service provider in the United States and the world's leading broadband and telecommunications provider.

CDMA: 800 MHZ (Band 10), 1900 MHZ (Band 2)
CDMA EVDO/CDMA2000 (3G) : 1900 MHZ (Band 2)
LTE(FDD):800MHz(Band 26), 1900MHz(priority,Band 25)
LTE (TDD) : the 2500 MHZ (Band 41)
Sprint Corporation is a holding company that operates wired and wireless communications in the United States, Puerto Rico and the United States virgin islands. It is the world's Internet backbone service provider and the third largest long-distance telephone company in the United States.

3. T-mobile
GSM: 1900 MHZ, 1900 MHZ
WCDMA(3G, HSPA+): 170/2100MHz, 1900MHz
CDMA EVDO/CDMA2000(3G) : 170/2100MHz, 1900MHz
LTE(FDD): 170/2100mhz (band 4)
T-mobile is one of the leading wireless service providers in the United States.

4. AT & T
GSM:850MHz, 1900MHz(individual areas)
WCDMA (3G, HSPA +) : 1900 MHZ, 850 MHZ
LTE(FDD):1700MHz/2100MHz(band 4), 1900MHz(band 2), 700MHz(band 17,29)
AT&T is the largest fixed-line telephone service provider in the United States and the largest mobile phone service provider. It also offers broadband and pay-tv services.

Mobile phones are used for communication. You can enjoy the convenience. However, using a smartphone incorrectly can cause serious problems. For example, with the help of mobile phones, students can cheat during exams. You can send a message with the correct answer. In order to ensure fairness, portable cell phone jammer must be installed. This is a very important tool.

It is easier to block the use of mobile phones if you know the major U.S. cellphone carriers and know their signal frequencies. For different signal frequencies, the cellular network signal can be blocked by using a specific cell phone jammer, so that the mobile phone cannot work normally.If you are harassed by a phone in the United States, and the ringing of the phone makes it difficult to rest and work well, you can use a portable American cellular scrambler to target the nation's cellular network.As smart transfer new technology to intercept harassing phone calls is useful.

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