Signal blocking jammer legislation - French

First, it is necessary to go back to the jammer's function, what it is and how it works.

The jammer is neither much nor much of a wave transmitter. It operates by sending a signal with a specific sine wave with the desired signal perturbation at the desired wave frequency.

For example: manufacturing an anti-drone rifle and ensuring punctuality by interfering with the frequency.

Types of jamming frequencies

Except for a few models, the wifi jammer is only for a specific frequency range. In these particular frequencies, we know and surround our three main frequencies each day: GSM (mobile), WIFI and FM frequencies.

Let's quickly return to these three main frequencies to better understand the ban on jammers:

GSM (global mobile communication system) frequency band: it uses a frequency range of 900 hz, and more accurately, it works between the 880-915 hz frequency of voice calls and 925-960 Hertz of network data. These are ideal frequencies for voice communication because resources are allocated only during the session. This is due to the switching system that makes it work.

WIFI band: you know, WIFI is almost equipped with all our devices. According to the specific 802.11b/g/n standard, it uses two of the most common precision frequencies of three different standards:
2.4 GHz standard b: signal.
G standard: 2.4ghz signal.
Standard n: signal on 2.4ghz and 5GHz bands.
FM band: of course the rf range is between 87.5 MHz and 108 MHz.

There are, of course, many other frequencies, such as the 2,600mhz 4G frequency range, but the frequency range mentioned above is the most significant, and is the reason why France prohibits jamming transmitters.

French law on jammers

French disrupters were allowed into 2012. Cinemas, cinemas and schools can use them to counter the use of telephones to avoid interruptions in programmes or courses.

Assuming that the jammer can be plugged into the mobile operator's spectrum, which pays for them to access, the country thinks it is not normal for others to access these frequencies.

In addition, the jammer is mostly used to perform illegal interference (security cameras theft or block the car keys to steal) later in the closure of the signal in 2012 decided to ban use jammer in France, it is a lot of things.

The use of jammers can only be tolerated by prison facilities and public services such as police forces, firefighters, health professionals or judges through special disparagement of the state.

For all institutions that already have jammers, such as theatres or schools, the use of jammers has been in place until the end of 2017. From 2018, jammers will be available only if they are entitled to a waiver, with no other exceptions. Unfortunately, the black Internet market is full of distractors, so it's still possible to get one illegally.

There are still very few exceptions in France: the only authorised interference and interference with a tape recorder (such as this br-mic), since it only applies to a tape recorder (type of tape recorder). It does not change other frequency bands, so it only allows you to compete for unauthorized meeting recordings or other audio sources.

Jammers can be used in prisons to manage network security and prevent network criminals from connecting to the network.Wifi jammer will participate in punishing cyber criminals?

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