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Should we advocate the legalization of cell phone jammers?

21st century the most important technology of the people is used every day in our smart phones, we can find that, now almost everyone has their own smartphones, on the one hand, because of the popularity of smartphones and the price is low, you can use a few dollars you can get a mid-range smartphones, they although the price is low, but which have the function, they all have, meet the needs of many people. On the other hand, because of the improvement of living standards, it is easier for them to have smart phones. On this problem, many parents give their children to buy a smart phone, parents can be convenient to contact their children, children can also be the first time when something happened to contact their parents. It seems to be a very convenient and important thing for parents and children.

Cell phone signal disturbing device are not clearly defined by law whether can use, but the society needs this kind of equipment, there are quite a few countries citizens appeal should be legal to use, can use place. Schools, prisons, gas stations, etc.Should schools be allowed to use mobile phone jammers?

Whether on the street, or the subway or a bus waiting place, we can see many teenagers use their smart phones, most of them is to use mobile phones to play games, or watching the game related information, are part of it is to use a mobile phone reading novels, chatting with friends, of course, some people are using smartphones to see something related to learning, but the situation is very few.

Due to the spread of smartphones using, also caused a lot of problem of civilization in public places, including the above teenagers use a mobile phone to play games, they will open to the voice of the game is great, to the person next to a kind of noise pollution. What's more, in some quiet places, they call loudly, causing problems for others to rest and read. There are a lot of things like this, almost all of them happening to teenagers. Some people who have been poisoned by these things have called for a ban on the use of mobile phones by students, or the use of cell phone jammers in quiet public places.

Abroad, many people suffered too much in this kind of interference, they choose to buy on the net https://www.jammer-buy.com cell phone jammers, they use this kind of interference apparatus for the multiple antennas, portable, easy to hide, and other characteristics, can jammer GSM, 3 g, 4 g, 4 g LTE signal, not only that, but can also interfere with the GPS signal, they can be used to prevent the harassment, travel can also be used in their cars, in order to avoid be criminals to track, in a sense, this kind of practice is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of their own, since public civilization can't solve, can only take mandatory measures.

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If you're faced with this situation, do you think you should use a cellphone jammer? Is to protect their own rights and interests, a lot of people has issued such a call, should be legalized use cell phone signal jammer, which is in the case of to protect their rights and interests, you can use, is not to harm others or illegal things. If so, I personally think we should advocate the legalization of using mobile phone jammers, if they encountered cell phone no signal, maybe they should understand civilization consciousness of the public places.

In particular, in today's mobile penetration case, someone put forward such calls is understandable, after all, at ordinary times are busy with all sorts of things, very not easy to get belongs to own time to rest, so disturbed by telephone voice, who can't stand. With the development of science and technology, do you think the call for the legalization of mobile phone jammers will be adopted? How should we deal with this before?

In this regard, I have done a simple questionnaire survey, among which the respondents were mainly divided by age group, one was teenagers, one was middle-aged and the other was elderly. Their views on this issue are different, but they are all for the greater protection and use of their rights and interests. The Internet has a different view of the problem, and for people who are deeply disturbed by the noise of the phone, they are eager to see that the phone jammer can be legally used by individuals.

What are your unique insights into the question of the legalization of mobile phone jammers? I personally think the legalization of use is good, so you can avoid some illegal use of our signal to interference, noise pollution, on the other hand can also be very good control phone, maintain the good civilization in public places.

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