Mobile apps collect personal information to cause leaks problems

The personal information security survey of mobile phone application has been released online. According to the report, some mobile phone apps are excessively collected and illegally used personal information, which may lead to the disclosure or theft of personal privacy information. According to a questionnaire survey, 89.62% of respondents believe that mobile APP has excessive personal information collection, and 41.16% of respondents do not read authorization information before installing or using mobile phone apps.

The market of mobile phone applications are diverse, a huge number of various mobile applications to people's consumption, learning, life, etc. It has, but the problem also nots allow to ignore, bring a lot of trouble to many people. Like most applications require access to the user's information such as location, storage, and even need to get the user's address book, the excessive collecting personal information is endangering the user's important information, this is today's one of important way of information leakage.

Our personal information is so compromised that we receive a variety of different kinds of harassing phone calls, which seriously affect our lives. There are many ways to disclose information, among which the mobile app collects our personal information.Personal information breaches and harassing phone calls rampant.

What is the problem with the disclosure of personal information? You may not be very clear, so I'll give you a brief explanation. Do you often get strange harassing calls? Or a sales call? How did these phones come in? Some people who call us even know a lot about us, such as where we live, what we call our names, our recent status, etc. They know exactly what they are. You may wonder why they know our message. By the passage above, you should know how they know. Yes, they are getting our important information through some software information collection, which is undoubtedly an invasion of our privacy.

This gives us a wake-up call to use mobile apps, and not too much to allow apps to get our information, especially access to a lot of our phone's privacy rights. Not only that, we will through our personal information leak connect wifi network, hackers may we connect through the network attacks on our mobile phones, to get our important information. This is dangerous for us, because we know that mobile phones cover most of our important information, including property information.

Can't we take corresponding measures to solve this situation? Of course, the answer is yes, for a mobile application for our information, we can ban the will of the many, not too many open access, especially those involving us important information. For the hacker attacks on our mobile phones through a network of behavior, we only need to protect our network infrastructure, don't let the hacker attack to easily, or let our mobile phones and network disconnection, it is actually very simple, the use of cell phone jammers can be mobile phone signal shielding, cannot connect to the Internet, so my phone will not be hackers.

The disclosure of personal information has been irremediable, and the incessant harassment of phone calls and telemarketers has become so annoying that our lives and jobs have been disrupted. To have a good living and working environment, mobile phone signal jammer can help you to solve the problem of harassment telephone harassment and sell, we can in the home and office equipment installation intercept signal of cell phone jammers, so that when we take a rest and work will not affect our mood for harassing phone calls.

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