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South Korea using anti drone jammer safeguard security of the winter Olympics

The 23rd pyeongchang winter Olympic Games in 2018 winter Olympics, hereinafter referred to as "pyeongchang winter Olympics", in 2018 in the republic of Korea on Feb. 9 ~ 25, pyeongchang county. The pyeongchang Olympic Games has 7 major items, 102 small items. This is the south Korean Olympic winter games was held for the first time in history. The Olympic winter games opening and closing ceremonies, and most of the snow sports will take place in pyeongchang, and all the ice movement in jiangling, alpine skiing downhill race will take place in the continuous good. This is a big sports event, security has always been a big activities needed to pay attention to the problem, in order to ensure that the games can go smoothly, the south Korean government has adopted a series of measures to cope with the situation, here mainly introduce unmanned connect for air defense.

Uav flying phenomenon exist in every country in the world, is for uav flying, many state agencies have adopted corresponding measures, including unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer is one of the important tools.Drone flight control is imperative.

We know that the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) under the rapid development of science and technology today, it is very popular, became the apple of many drones lovers plaything, small uav can be used as aerial devices, the application fields are also vary, but mainly in order to meet the needs of more themselves. Uav flying phenomenon exists, since it was born for uav flying phenomenon, many countries do not have clear legal provisions to regulate, for unmanned aerial vehicle driving, also does not have the corresponding training, make people more skilled and safe to the use of drones. It is not only a device for aerial photography, it is also an important instrument for many exploration teams. Since drones are so powerful, they can be exploited by criminals as an important criminal tool.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are not equipped to operate on the aircraft. Depending on the size of the uav, they can be used in different fields. It is difficult for the police to catch the drone operators for their actions. So drones are many criminals to crime, especially some terrorists, they are using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) did a very destructive events, such as the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) bombing in some of the larger places, people congregate, bombing, about these places can cause the casualties.

The south Korean Olympic winter games are likely to be one of a terrorist attack, so the south Korean government in terms of security, must want to have a series of preparedness and response measures, especially for unmanned aerial vehicle's attack, the attack is not easy to find, and it is difficult to find the pilot. South Korean officials in order to ensure the Olympics can successfully completed, they will use more of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) jammer device, detection and drone attacks, is the direct form anti drone jammer device uses more than one gun, covering every corner in the winter Olympics, don't let the terrorists have a spark of opportunity to sabotage.

South Korean officials are preparing a tactical uav fleet equipped with special equipment to combat terrorism. According to Korean media, the fleet includes drones equipped with cameras, drones with face recognition capabilities and drones that can be used to catch suspicious drones.

All Olympic venues, including pyeongchang, jiangling and jingshan stadium, will be designated as a no-fly zone to prevent the safety of foreign drones.In addition, south Korean officials are preparing anti-drone guns, including radio signal jamming guns that can disable drones, and shotguns designed specifically to shoot down drones. A news photo from South Korea's national counterterrorism center shows a soldier aiming an anti-drone gun at the sky during training.

A network of more than 900 CCTV surveillance systems, equipped with object recognition capabilities to detect suspicious packages; Strengthen network security, prevent hacker attack; 5,000 soldiers will provide security during the entire race. South Korea has also responded to previous car crashes in Paris and New York. In addition, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, confirmed that the United States plans to send soldiers to the Olympics to strengthen security.

The south Korean government has also held a comprehensive anti-terrorist exercise to comprehensively test the comprehensive countermeasures against possible terrorist attacks during the games. The scenarios include hostage-taking, vehicle impact, drone airdrops, and so on.South Korea's defense of the games is focused on air defense drones, which use a variety of defense devices. All that was done was to bring the games to a successful conclusion.

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