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Drone flight control is imperative


The development of uav technology has enabled the uav in the market today to have a variety of styles, ranging from small to palm-sized, to the shape of military aircraft. Drones have also become remote-controlled aircraft, mainly through remote control of the drone's flight path. With the development of uavs and the improvement of people's living standards, uavs are no longer high-end products. You can have your own drone at a very low price. So drones are common in our daily lives. While drones offer many benefits to people's lives, they also pose a threat to people.

The company wants to keep track of drones that are too small, just like air traffic control tracking planes.

Vodafone is testing a new software technology to prevent the phenomenon of uav flying, have the authorities to protect the plane from accidents and terrorist attacks, and block the invasion of prison and hospital airspace "no-fly zone".

The popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles has caused the flying phenomenon of unmanned aerial vehicles. For some important places, such as airports, it is not allowed to fly in, which can cause great loss.

For uav flying phenomenon, many people think of how to give to shoot down the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), or a ban on unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight in certain scope, so what are the tools to make them landing? Yes,anti drone jammer can be used to prevent drones from flying outside of the no-fly zone. At, you can easily get multiple drone jammers. For details, you can check in.

Because of its unmanned and remote operation, the uav has been used by many criminals as a tool for crime, which is a great threat to people's life security.In the face of mounting security concerns, terrorists may use drones to carry small, deadly explosives to attack targets. Unmanned aircraft have been used for criminal purposes, such as smuggling and providing contraband to prisoners.

Vodafone is testing technology in Spain and Germany, and its commercial drones are too small to be collected on radar, just as air traffic control systems do. With commercial drones expected to be fully operational in Europe next year, authorities and aviation regulators are seeking to make skies safer.

Vodafone is working with the European aviation safety agency to develop regulations to ensure commercial drones fly safely in Europe. Johan Wibergh, chief technology officer of vodafone group, said: "this will help ensure the skies remain secure because drones are everywhere."

With the development and popularization of unmanned aerial vehicles, the control of unmanned aerial vehicles is imperative and cannot be allowed to fly unscrupulously. On the one hand, the flying phenomenon of unmanned aerial vehicles impedes the safety of air traffic and threatens people's safety. On the other hand, the aerial shooting of uavs may secretly take a lot of people's privacy, which should be strictly prohibited in violation of people's privacy.Drones are involved in the delivery of aid.

In order for the uav to get further development, the regulation of unmanned aerial vehicles needs to be stricter. What do you think is the main way to control the uav? How can we better manage the uav's management like traffic management, even more orderly than traffic management?