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Australian companies began using 5g signal and when the 5g cell jammer is produced

Telstra, Telstra's 5G innovation centre on the gold coast, opened on February 5th. Robyn Denholm, Telstra's chief operating officer, said the facility was set up to ensure Australia became the first country to use 5G. 5G signal will become an important network service in the future.

Telstra has carried out the first 5G field test in Australia and the world's first 5G outdoor data phone call through the 26GHz millimeter wave spectrum. It indicates the official use of 5g signal, and the later stage is to continuously improve and improve it. According to Denholm, Telstra will complete a number of 5G tests this year through the 5G innovation centre to ensure that Australia is able to stay on the front end of mobile technology. For the world, 5g signal is a very important network service.

5g signal using mobile phones, mobile phones that we carry the important electronic devices, 5 g will bring mobile phones very big benefits, request for people to use mobile phone access to the Internet will be more and more quickly. Is now in general use our 4 g signals, where a little weak signal, using the 3 g or the GSM network, for these networks, their compared with 5 g, there's a huge difference in speed and security. Mainly mobile phones bring to people's lives is too much trouble, telephone harassment issues are serious noise, thus to solve these problems appeared on the market of mobile cell phone jammer equipment, due to the 5 g signal is not popular, so 5g jammers has not produced.

Enholm said, 5 g could change the human way of life and work, bring you into a high-speed mobile Internet access, as well as large-scale Internet of things (IoT), including wisdom city, intelligent home, unmanned aerial vehicles, self-driving cars and augmented reality and so on many new applications. There is no doubt that the promotion of 5g network will have a great impact on various industries and will be the driving force of people's life promotion.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) at present, he notes, although can through the manipulation of 4 g, once high stability and low delay of 5 g after online, the more complex applications will come on stage, including unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) group, and may be adjusted according to the real-time data and communication of autonomous driving a plane.

Australian financial review (AFR) reported on Thursday that Telstra network group general manager Mike Wright said in the interview that Telstra will launch 5G service in 2019.

Optus, the Australian telecommunications company, issued a press release on February 2 to announce the launch of 5G fixed-point wireless broadband service in major metropolitan areas of Australia in early 2019. Dennis Wong, general manager of Optus network, points out that only a faster, more stable network can allow self-driving, smart home, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality to reach their full potential. 5g signal is an important medium to promote scientific and technological progress.

Optus announced a memorandum of cooperation with Nokia in October 2016, agreeing to jointly develop 5G technology. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri said on February 1 that the construction of 5G network is expected to be fully launched in 2019 and 2020, when the market will improve significantly.

5 g network in many countries have begun to try, in the next two years will be in the major field of life widespread use, so when the time comes will bring many benefits, at the same time, the problem also is indispensable, so 5G jammer also will become the best selling goods on the market.

The Wall Street journal notes that this is several years ahead of what the industry expected a year ago. Sprint Corporation, the us telecoms company, announced on February 2nd that it plans to launch a commercial 5G network in early 2019.

5g signal is very important for the progress of science and technology of popularization, but also, due to various reasons, it will also bring certain impact to people's life, there might be some ways of holes or what factors, which leads to use unsafe 5g signal.

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