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Summary of the article

Research shows that the main cause of traffic accident is caused not obey the traffic rules, which is divided into drivers and pedestrians, specifically for many reasons, most of the traffic accidents related to cell phones.

Cell phone signal jammers are tools to reduce traffic accidents

Traffic accidents happen in our lives, and there are also some traffic accidents. What causes these accidents?

There are many reasons for traffic accidents, among which the root cause is not obeying the traffic rules. It includes drinking, driving, looking at the phone, walking on the phone and so on. Here I will mainly introduce some accidents caused by looking at mobile phones. Driving to see the phone is one of the causes of traffic accidents.

On the Internet, we often see some accidents caused by looking at mobile phones. A woman walked to watch her mobile phone, did not notice the foot of the sewer, the result fell into the sewer pit. Or too focused on the phone, not noticing the front, falling into the river, or hitting a roadside tree. These are the disasters of one person. If you are crossing the street, you can see that your phone is too focused, and you may have a car accident, which will not only endanger your life, but also bring disaster to others. Such things are not uncommon in our life.

Mobile phones seem to be the norm, and everywhere you go, you see this phenomenon, and not a few. If you don't have a similar situation, you should be grateful that you should get rid of the bad habit.

One of the most common causes of accidents we know is drunk driving, while the other is using a cell phone while driving. We all know that when we take the driver's license, it is clearly stipulated that the driver must not use the cell phone and make a phone call. But there are many drivers who don't think it's going to happen to them, and that's how accidents happen. Alcohol concentration can be used to identify drunk driving, but this is done after being caught, and if there is an accident, it doesn't make sense. It should be solved at the root.

Recently, the social survey center of a media, a study has found 80.8% of respondents found drivers see cell phones phenomenon is widespread, 70.8% of respondents suggested that increase the penalties for driving to see mobile phone behavior.

On the afternoon of June 18, a woman in her 30s got a call from her friend on the way to say that the stock she had bought had fallen sharply, so she quickly threw it away. She was driving along the highway, distracted, hitting the front car, and the good man was unhurt. "I was looking at stocks." The woman later said that the stock market had been doing well recently, and a friend had been advised to invest in stocks to make more money. "I didn't drive to see at ordinary times the habit of mobile phone, but just got a call from a friend, said I buy the stock is rapid fall, call me to throw away, I found have a look at the down six points, the in the mind all of a sudden panic." The woman was so worried that she thought of selling the stock to reduce the loss. I didn't feel like I was driving at this speed, and I didn't have to wait for the stock to sell before it hit the car in front of me.

What would you do if you were a passenger? For this kind of behavior, we should stop it strictly. The first thing that comes to mind is that the driver should not look at his cell phone while driving. It often doesn't have much effect, so you need to use a coercive measure to stop your phone from working with a phone jammer.From the point of the traffic accident, is caused by the phone, in order to prohibit this kind of behavior, cell phone jammers is need to be used, believe the future will be about the smart devices to solve these problems.

For public transport security tools, such as buses, buses and other related to people's life safety of transportation company, should be strict training of drivers, once found will be investigated for their responsibility, but a mobile phone jammers is necessary tools, can look at the behavior of the mobile phone to kill in the bud.

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