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The strategy of the GPS satellite system in the space war

The space war is not just a Hollywood novel, it is likely to become a major battleground in future wars.

Brian Weeden, director of project planning at the security world foundation, has an in-depth look at China's space weapons. He told SpaceNews, its missile Arsenal including ground directly rise, physical damage to the satellite, may interfere with the satellite signal jammer, and used to dazzle eye or even blind laser imaging satellites.

Weeden said China had already conducted a series of tests on the approach and the rendezvous operation, although the public evidence "does not indicate that they specifically target offensive capabilities".

Before the end of the cold war, Russia had several anti-satellite systems in operation, and strong evidence that they were very active. Russia is trying to develop its own ground direct ascent system, known as Nudol, and has successfully resurrected an airborne laser dazzler system, he said. Russia has several reports of using handheld GPS signal jammer in eastern Ukraine, and Russia has conducted a series of its own in-orbit and rendezvous operations in low earth and geosynchronous orbit.

What is driving this trend? The ability to reduce America's use of space in future conflicts is an important factor in our development. Weeden said. If there is a war in the Baltic or east Asia, America's ability to rely on space is remarkable. "They think, through the development of these systems, they can deter the United States, if not, they want to spend enough to make the space of science and technology ability defeat in the war."

The United States also undertakes some of the responsibility of turning space into a battlefield, Weeden said. "Although the United States has only one known anti-satellite system, the anti-communications satellite system, it has many potential capabilities, particularly through its ground-based missile defense interceptors." The United States may be the world's leading online satellite, he said, about the United States consider to develop more offensive capability to "satellite" satellite or satellite out of Russia and China, there has been much speculation about the United States.

Weeden says there is a strong incentive to chase each other's space capabilities early in the conflict. "This could lead to some very unstable crisis dynamics and a result - armed conflict - and everyone says they want to avoid it."

Dr. Sewaram, a professor of transportation planning at the school of planning and architecture, said that GPS tracking could determine the exact location of the new Delhi bus. But it is important to provide this information at the bus stop for easy access.

Professor PK Sarkar, transport director of the Asia transport development research centre, said GPS tracking would also make it safer for vehicles to travel. Mr Sarkar says the need to establish an interface between the received GPS data and traffic management centres is best managed by new Delhi police.

GPS also helps improve traffic management, says Velumurugan, senior principal scientist at csir-crri. "If a particular route is congested, you can plan an alternative route.

Car expert Anil Chhikara believes the biggest advantage of GPS tracking is controlling speed. Most of the vehicle speed did not work or has been tampered with, road traffic accident death rate is proportional to the vehicle speed, check the speeding on road vehicle is a complicated and dangerous process, but the GPS can provide accurate data for you.

What's the purpose of the GPS jammers? The tracking, positioning and navigation of various GPS satellite signals have interference, shielding signal and privacy protection.