GSM network car security system

As the world within the scope of your increase in the number of car theft, major automakers and drivers are looking for the most advanced vehicle anti-theft system, and the GSM network application anti-theft system has a great development in recent years, also gradually improve, become the umbrella of car alarm.

In view of the present world trend increase in car theft, the auto makers are continuously improve security technology, especially with the progress of microelectronics technology, automobile anti-theft technology automation, intelligent direction. According to its structure and function, car alarm is divided into four types: mechanical, electronic, chip and network. Among them, mechanical lock is the most traditional anti-theft device, generally not used alone; Electronic anti-theft system is the most widely used device at present. And the chip digital security device and the network security system are the development direction of the car security system. In this paper, based on the basic principle of car anti-theft system involved, data information processing system using GSM short message protocol, the system relative to other types of anti-theft alarm system on the market advantage is that can be ordinary electronic part is installed on the owner car alarm converted into network car alarm system, so as to greatly reduce the user cost investment, improve product performance.

Car alarm system is an integrated use of embedded technology, GPS technology, GSM wireless communication technology platform. The system uses mobile phone network as communication media. Using GPs technology and electronic technology, technology, and technology, to conduct a full surveillance and tracking of vehicles monitored, and to transmit data via a GSM network to the monitoring center. The vehicle terminal detects the state of the vehicle. If there is any abnormality in the vehicle, it will send an alarm message to the monitoring center and users at the same time. Also receives commands from the monitoring center and users, and parses the command execution operation accordingly. The anti-theft system is mainly composed of on-board terminal, wireless communication network and monitoring center.

The automobile anti-theft system based on GSM mainly consists of: on-board terminal (micro controller, GPs module, GSM module, sensing circuit), GSM network, monitoring center and user mobile phone. TC35 is a new generation wireless communication GSM module launched by Siemens, which can realize data, voice transmission, short message service and fax in the system scheme quickly, safely and reliably.

The ignition lock and manual lock installed on the car cannot effectively prevent the car from being stolen, so many modern cars have installed electronic anti-theft alarms. When a burglary occurs, the alarm horn goes off for a period of time, shutting down the car's engine. The communication platform with remote monitoring function has been designed, which provides a comprehensive solution for vehicle anti-theft and monitoring, and provides a technical basis for the wireless network development of vehicle anti-theft system.Even if the current advanced security technology is also widely used in numerous vehicles, but vehicle theft cases did not completely eliminate, there are also many professional theft of the use of high-tech means, equipment interference and attack on car security system, so as to achieve the purpose of theft.The GSM jammer can interfere with the GSM network in the anti-theft system.

Network communication changes, the world will close the GSM network.