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At the heart of the GPS is the constellation of about 30 satellites in earth's orbit, each with a different number of working satellites. At any time on earth, at any time, at least six will be in the sky, somewhere from the horizon to the horizon. Each satellite has a very accurate atomic clock and a radio that transmits a time signal. GPS receivers also come with accurate quartz oscillator clocks to compare time signals from overhead satellites. Because of the accuracy of GPS, many people use the technology to track areas that pose a significant threat to privacy and security.

As well as military, civil and commercial GPS jamming technologies, many people claim that it undermines their privacy. Today, many companies use GPS devices to monitor the exact location and movement of each car in the cargo sent to customers, or to perform other activities on the ground. These devices track the movement of vehicles around the world. If you're already in a position of such close attention, you need to know how uncomfortable someone is when they're watching you. The good news is that disruption technology can save you every time you encounter something like this. Disruptor technology is limited to people who are constantly monitored by curious spouses, snooping bosses or jealous lovers. However, the technology of military saboteurs is used for military activities, such as being able to remain invisible to the enemy during an attack. In any case, the GPS jammer works exactly the same way.

Therefore, in any case, GPS disruptor is an essential part of the modern world. With the development of technology, GPS tracking devices are becoming simpler and smaller. GPS tracks are now easily accessible and placed on people or cars that need attention. So, in any case, is it important to have a GPS Disruptor device

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Portable Powerful GSM 3G Jammer GPS WIFI Remote Frequency 433 315 868MHz Jammer With 4 Bands

gps wifi scrambler

The 4 antenna portable jammer blocks radio signals, cell phone signals, wi-fi and GPS frequencies. Block all communication between mobile phones. The device will not interfere with any device other than a mobile phone within a radius of 15 meters. The range of interference depends on the environment: zoning, telephone antennas, number of calls ). Easy to use, just turn it on and it immediately starts blocking GSM, 3G, 4G, GPS, and WIFI signals.


Desktop 6 Bands GSM 3G 4G Mobile Signal Jammer WiFi Blocker

powerful mobile wifi jammer

The six-antenna desktop jammer has powerful features that can interfere with all cell phone signals, including GSM, 3g, 4g, and also can block wifi signals. Devices equipped with these jamming signals are generally suitable for areas such as homes or offices. The output power of 15W determines that its interference radius is very wide, up to 40 meters, and it is the most popular desktop jammer nowadays.


6 Bands Armband Portable Hidden GSM 3G 4G GPS Blocker or WiFi Jammer

armbands mobile signal disruptor

This is a mobile phone jammer equipped with armband, which is convenient for you to use anywhere outdoors. It blocks common cell phone signal types, GSM, 3g and 4g. In addition, it also has the shielding wifi or GPS signal frequency, depending on your needs, the curve of the perfect design and can be hidden antenna is applicable to any place, interfere with the radius can be up to 20 meters, which is the interference of high-end mobile devices on the market.