GPS frequency scrambler for anti car tracking

For almost all types of theft protection, unfortunately there is also an antidote. A similar effect - just like a bolt cutter on a bicycle lock - so there is an interference transmitter with a GPS tracker. But the GPS tracker is therefore meaningless and useless. We said no, and explained the reason.Some manufacturers use avoidable miracle products to promote GPS jammer. Direct notification when the GPS signal is interrupted? Sounds like a simple solution to the problem. Unfortunately, it is too simple. Except that it can be continually gps frequency scrambler (for example, through a tunnel) and these facts are notified every time, the idea does not look very good.

So you should not have a GPS tracker? After all, you should not give up locking the door or riding a bicycle. For professional thieves, there is always a way to steal their belongings. However, we suspect that every bicycle thief can cause costly interference. Therefore, using a GPS tracker is more secure than using a GPS tracker. In fact, people already know the real use that helps prevent illegal suffering. For many years, the military and airlines have equipped GPS transmitters with special directional antennas. They only allow signals from the satellite direction.

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