GPS signal stopper

The GPS satellite signal allows us to accurately obtain the corresponding position. Similarly, it also facilitates the criminal behavior of criminals. The GPS scrambler and the tracker are corresponding, and the GPS signal stopr helps us solve all the problems from satellite signals.

These GPS jammer are very cheap. In the New Year sales on the Internet, China's GPS / mobile phone parts are priced at $70. The difference is that its noise range is just over five meters and may block most potential buyers, although it will be enough to cancel the GPS and truck cab top associated with the driver's head in the mobile phone receiver. Technically, it depends on the signal. It consists of electromagnetic waves that react with the basic elements of the obstacle. The longer the signal wave, the thicker the obstacle. However, the waves may be too small and "clumsy" between molecules. In fact, anything that would normally interfere with short-wave and long-wave radios or model trailers can have a negative impact on GPS signals.

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