Cheaper portable anti gps signal car tracker scrambler

The criminal approach is not as simple as it used to be, and the hijackers have found new ways to achieve their goals. Just like tracking, they use GPS trackers instead of the previous measures. If someone feels the pursuit, but there is no evidence of the police, he will make better use of the GPS signal shield when he is in his car and moving. Yes, GPS trackers are usually installed in the car without notice. The kidnappers can also know that the purpose is to prevent such regular areas of activity. Buying a cell phone blocker for a professional GPS signal can help us. Some GPS jammer are very smart and easy to move, but not other jammers.

I know that someone is operating such a device in a company car, deliberately blurring GPS positioning to make it blue. He connected the device to the cigarette lighter for operation. This is just GPS interference, not mobile or police radio. I can hardly imagine that GPS is related to the "Telecom Act."

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