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Satellite navigation is like the first virus before the computer, summing up the load. However, unlike computers, there is still no company in the field that cares about user security. At the same time, navigation is more than just determining your location - it's easy. “Now it’s about doing this reliably, safely and steadily.”More and more websites offer devices that block mobile traffic. Whether these devices are now referred to as "GPS jammer", "blockers" are either "interfering with purchases" or are placed on the market with other more or less prominent names, all of which are used for the same purpose.

By the mid-1990s, your own electronic gps scrambler building plan appeared on the Internet, using commercial parts for less than $100. Need welding skills. Soon, similar units available on the Internet are as low as $70. At the same time, it is pointed out that GPS experts in the United States pointed out that this type of mobile phone intercepts the GPS interference energy that is not enough for most military GPS receivers, but may use a lot of commercial affairs, especially consumer goods.With the improvement of GPS technology and trackers, it is always a threat to privacy. If persecuted, more and more people are worried. So, here's a great device to help you break the GPS tracker and protect your privacy.

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