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According to official statistics, only the GPS signal jammer is allowed to be used by the authorities. In recent years, some federal states have begun to equip their prisons with broadcasters - such as North Rhine-Westphalia. However, in freedom, only France allows GPS satellite systems to track, for personal privacy, GPS jammer may be used in cinemas, theaters and public events.

In addition, the UAV tracker is equipped with a variety of sensors and intelligent pattern recognition software to activate the satellite tracking device system via the interface. It emits electromagnetic waves and superimposes radio waves between the remote control and the drone. Navigation through drones that fly by autopilot requires the use of GPS signals for interference heading.

The legal status in Austria, Germany and many parts of the European Union: "High power jammers" are convenient for large-scale use. By interfering with all GPS signals within 15 meters of the wave block, they can be bought, but they must not be used privately.

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