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Of course, the rapid development of GPS system is very convenient for people, such as easy navigation and positioning. GPS satellite technology is widely used in major areas of life, you will find it will pose a threat to people's privacy and security, but do you know this system is easy to be used to steal your privacy? If you are using GPS for harassment, you should be fully entitled to buy GPS to compete for equipment and install it in your car. No one should be able to pinpoint your location so they can monitor every move you make so they can do something bad to you. Such violations should be stopped. If you're particularly paranoid, consider placing a portable personal GPS disruptors on your car and occasionally searching your car's fuel tank for easy hiding places for trackers.

Check your wheel arches and vehicles under the platform regularly. Most GPS trackers are connected to your vehicle by magnets, so look for anything that doesn't look right. Contact the police as soon as you find the equipment. But in general, the tracking devices in your car can be installed by police or national authorities. Another approach is to disable the tracking device using a GSM GPS jamming device. Because some tracking devices also have the function of eavesdropping, the GSM function needs to be protected.

More and more people are facing illegal GPS tracking, so GPS jammer block satellite signal can be a convenient way to prevent any spy tracking attempts to install GPS tracker signals in your car. Car jammers prevent GPS signals from being powered by the car's cigarette lighter. Very practical, compact device to suppress GPS signal, perfect for all types of GPS tracker, can track the movement of any type of vehicle or vehicle.

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Desktop 6 Bands GSM 3G 4G Mobile Signal Jammer WiFi Blocker

desktop mobile jammer wifi

The six-antenna desktop jammer has powerful features that can interfere with all cell phone signals, including GSM, 3g, 4g, and also can block wifi signals. Devices equipped with these jamming signals are generally suitable for areas such as homes or offices. The output power of 15W determines that its interference radius is very wide, up to 40 meters, and it is the most popular desktop jammer nowadays.


Portable Remote 433 315 868MHz GSM 3G WIFI GPS Jammer

4 band gsm 3g blocker scrambler

The gold-plated four-antenna hand-held GSM scrambler comes with a variety of shielding combinations, including GSM +3g+ GPS and GSM +3g+wifi, two of the most popular with customers today. Handhelds have small, portable and easy to hide features, powerful functions, interference radius up to 15 meters, two chargers for you, car chargers for your car outdoor use.


Pocket GPS GSM 3G Jammer WiFi Signal Blocker

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The box a pocket GSM + 3 g signal scrambler, in addition to this signal disturb combination type, also provides wifi or GPS signal shielding device, it can remove the battery, interference radius around 10 meters, easy to carry and hidden in the pocket, car charger, you can get more convenient for car use.