High cost effective anti GPS tracking scrambler

There is no doubt that the main effect of GPS jamming equipment is to prevent a GPS satellite signal, but sometimes there are other uses. Sometimes, nothing is funnier than a good friend, especially when he is having a good time. To do this, you need to install the GPS scrambler to your destination while using GPS navigation in your car. Make sure you're looking for ways to get there and submit them to memory. Then bet your friends that you can give them better guidance than their GPS satellite navigation. Make a big bet, say $100 or more. Once they agree, turn on your jammer and point to their destination, because their GPS will be banned if you don't stop it. When they are ready to pay for your knowledge, uncover the jokes and have fun.

In any case, there is a need for affordable GPS scrambler in the United States. Because you don't know when your car will have a tracking device (either from a government agency or someone else). So you have to have anti-harassment tools. GPS blocking devices is undoubtedly the most effective method.

High cost effective GPS scrambler can easily explore the outdoor GPS interference measurement method, and can selectively disturb the GPS related system without affecting the non-target GPS receiver. GSM GPS jamming devices will support many exercises and scenarios involving electronic warfare experimental methods for gps-related systems. Due to the performance achieved, GPS will be used to assess the requirements of future GPS interference test instruments to be developed, and will be used to demonstrate the techniques and techniques available for these exercises.

In addition to military applications, the latest GPS jammer are also being developed for civilian applications. With this device, you can protect your personal safety without being concerned.

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6 Bands Armband Portable Hidden GSM 3G 4G GPS Blocker or WiFi Jammer

armbands mobile signal wifi or gps jammers

This is a mobile phone jammer equipped with armband, which is convenient for you to use anywhere outdoors. It blocks common cell phone signal types, GSM, 3g and 4g. In addition, it also has the shielding wifi or GPS signal frequency, depending on your needs, the curve of the perfect design and can be hidden antenna is applicable to any place, interfere with the radius can be up to 20 meters, which is the interference of high-end mobile devices on the market.


Desktop 6 Bands GSM 3G 4G Mobile Signal Jammer WiFi Blocker

desktop mobile jammer wifi

The six-antenna desktop jammer has powerful features that can interfere with all cell phone signals, including GSM, 3g, 4g, and also can block wifi signals. Devices equipped with these jamming signals are generally suitable for areas such as homes or offices. The output power of 15W determines that its interference radius is very wide, up to 40 meters, and it is the most popular desktop jammer nowadays.


Pocket GPS GSM 3G Jammer WiFi Signal Blocker

pocket gsm scrambler

The box a pocket GSM + 3 g signal scrambler, in addition to this signal disturb combination type, also provides wifi or GPS signal shielding device, it can remove the battery, interference radius around 10 meters, easy to carry and hidden in the pocket, car charger, you can get more convenient for car use.