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Jammer-buy is a professional signal killer store, we have 30 years of manufacturing technology, all our signal jammers, including GPS jammers, cell phone jammers, wifi jammers and drone jammers. Our jammers are sold to every country and region in the world that needs to shield the signal. They help people solve many problems, such as students using mobile phones to cheat, car GPS tracking and so on. So what are the GPS blocker bestseller in 2019?

The location of the triangulation within the mobile radio cell is not as accurate as the precise positioning by satellite positioning. Despite the GPS interference, PLT's GPS directional transmitters still have the option of locating the vehicle. Some trackers (such as the GPS transmitter "PLT Compact Profi") support so-called cell locations (also known as GSM locations or mobile positioning) as an alternative. Car locks are also increasingly being manipulated by jammers to open the vehicle and steal items from the vehicle. If the entire vehicle is stolen, the thief will use a GPS jammer to block the GPS signal over a wide range. Positioning systems for vehicle positioning typically display fleet operators at any time in their truck or car position to stop operation. The cellular-based GSM positioning system can provide amazingly accurate results, especially in urban centers where the location of stolen vehicles can be accurately displayed within a few hundred meters.

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