Use GPS signal receiving jammer prevent tracking

In modern life, many of our devices rely on GPS satellite signals, which have a great impact on our lives. With this function, our travels become more convenient and more accurate. But it also facilitates the criminal activities of criminals who use GPS trackers to track our whereabouts. Under this premise, it is very necessary to use anti-tracking equipment, and GPS jammer is the best anti-tracking tool.

In many countries around the world, portable GPS jammers are being purchased in China. Jammer-Buy has developed a terminal that is no larger than the cigarette lighter charger, which not only prevents the operation of any GPS tracking system in the car. The jammer frequency interference between the terminal device 1450 and 1600Mhz, thereby preventing any equipment upgrades GPS coordinates reach the remote system. This interference is interference radius in the range of operation of 10 meters, the barrier does not seem to allow GPS signals to continue navigation voice guidance.

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