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British warning electronic interference a hindrance to satellite signals

The British government, the report says, owing to the serious the threat of electronic jamming and attack electronic jamming has become an important bane of satellite positioning, the various infrastructure is checking on satellite technology.

Experts say the problem with the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is the faint signal that signals from 20,100 kilometers above the earth's surface will be interrupted by widespread and cheap electronic signal jammer. Satellite signals are also easily affected by weather, but radio and satellite interference are the main factors. The global navigation satellite system is widely used, with the most highly dependent areas including emergency rescue, transport, communications and finance. They all require accurate and reliable positioning and time signals to function.

Britain's defence minister Gavin Williamson says Russia wants to use an attack on infrastructure to destroy Britain's economy. He says such a move would result in numerous casualties. Another study commissioned by the British government in April 2017 estimated that a five-day global navigation satellite system would cost the British economy 5.2 billion pounds. Oliver Dowden, a British mp, said in the report that some measures must be taken to enhance the resilience of the global navigation satellite system when it is interrupted and to use a backup system if necessary. Dealing with electronic interference is a top priority.

The report shows that even excluding the effects of natural phenomena, the interference of natural factors on satellite positioning is small and small, and the signals from the global navigation satellite system are easily disturbed. Previously only country can control the satellite positioning interference field, but now the hackers, criminals, pirates or terrorists can have such technical ability, they can easily will be interference, satellite positioning location deviation. The report says that, in addition to interference, deliberately sending false signals is also a threat. "The scope and scale of these problems is growing," the report says.

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The report recommends that the UK's department of culture, media and sport and the UK communications authority (Ofcom) review the legality of the ability to disrupt the sale, possession and use of global navigation satellite systems. Where there is no need to use the signal jammer, it is strictly prohibited to use, even if it is used, it can't interfere with the normal use of other people, or it will be severely punished. In addition, the report suggests that government agencies should assess whether to monitor global navigation satellite systems in important locations such as ports.

In a statement, Dowden said the assessment took an important step to make the UK more aware of the UK's reliance on the global navigation satellite system. "We will carefully consider the results and recommendations of the report and continue to improve the resilience of important areas in response to signal disruptions." Dowden added. Other countries, such as the United States and South Korea, have also taken note of the problem, and have invested in the research of eLoran, a non-satellite navigation system, to strengthen national security.

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