Driverless car technology and possible problems

With the rapid development of science and technology, unmanned technology has been studied by a large number of countries, among which the technology is diversified, which involves the technology of GPS and sensor. What is the future of driverless cars? Drone development depends on GPS technology.

While some people believe that driverless cars may increase the number of accidents, the opposite is true. There are two main reasons for traffic accidents, according to research data. If it's driverless, the two problems don't exist.

With the development of the Internet, we will see a lot of software, which is designed to give people who are not easy to drive. The drivers will send them from one place to another, but the cost of driving is very high. This shows the advantages of driverless cars on the side, even if you don't drive easily, and can take you to your destination. Not only that, but the future of driverless cars will be more convenient for the elderly and for those who don't.

There are reports that driverless cars will be challenged in bad weather. This problem is solved by lidar technique. In order to work better in bad weather, the new self-driving car will automatically detect rain and snow patterns.

On January 24, people in Stockholm, Sweden, experienced a trial run of driverless buses.

The driverless bus uses GPS and sensors to travel at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour on a preset road about 1.5 kilometers north of Stockholm. At present, the vehicle is equipped with a staff to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.

But one of the biggest risks of using driverless cars, experts say, is that it could be hacked because every gadget that uses the Internet is vulnerable to such attacks.

Driverless cars are bound to have bigger markets in the future, but only if there are many possible safety problems. We know that the driverless cars need to use the GPS and GPS signals are easy to be interference, both magnetic field and equipment, GPS jammers will make GPS cannot work normally, this is driverless cars one of the researchers need to solve the problem.If this problem cannot be solved, driverless cars will not be able to drive safely on the road, because in life, GPS jammer are also very important anti-tracking devices for people. You may be disturbed where you need to be.