Vehicles use GPS jammers circumvent traffic law enforcement

Since GPS was born, it has been widely used in various fields of life, among which the application of cars and smart phones is familiar to us. If you are a military fan, you might know about the application of GPS in the military field.How to Avoid Tracking by the Trackers?

GPS installed on a lot of cars, especially some transport vehicles, traffic law enforcement in order to make the goods transportation company and the safety of the vehicle, will ask shipping company to transport vehicles to install the GPS positioning system. On the one hand is to make it easier, law enforcement, on the other hand also for warning transportation company and the driver can consciously abide by traffic rules, don't cry because it is illegal to the traffic rules and cause of major accidents, endangering themselves and others safety.

In recent months, traffic enforcement authorities have tightened controls on transport vehicles. Recently, a transport vehicle was found at a certain point in a place, and after a few hours, it was found that the vehicle was in another place, and the signal trajectory was completely interrupted. It was discovered that the GPS satellite was deliberately shielded from GPS signals by the driver.

The transportation vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning system. The purpose is to supervise the operation of vehicles. However, in order to avoid the supervision of law enforcement by individual enterprises and drivers, there are great potential safety hazards for malicious interference and shielding of GPS satellite positioning devices.

According to the driver of the vehicle, he didn't mean to block the GPS satellite signal, but he felt someone in it to make use of the satellite signal tracking, it in order to ensure that the goods and vehicle safety, having to buy good GPS jammers equipment in advance. He called it a sense of self-preservation, not to avoid traffic enforcement.

In real life, there are many such examples, GPS tracking is widespread, for tracking GPS tracker, GPS jammer is the protection of their whereabouts, use inevitably during this violation of the traffic control department of the GPS positioning system of the shield, but it is not in order to avoid the traffic law enforcement. What about this situation?

How can transport vehicles ensure that their safety does not affect traffic law enforcement? I think this is the traffic law enforcement and transport companies need to consider the question, I think it should be on the track of the time used to avoid car GPS jammer, and will not affect the positioning signal traffic control!