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Portable Powerful Gun Drone Jammer Jamming 1.5G 2.4G 5.8G Freqeuency

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Model: EO00009US

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Product Description:

This is our new gun-shaped drone jammer in our store. It has more advantages than previous products. Portable and multi-band are its basic advantages, if you are worried about drone flying or doing it for you. Candid shots, then this portable drone jammer is the best choice.


Jamming frequency:

1.5G :1550-1620MHz
2.4G :2400-2485MHz
5.8G : 5720-5850MHz


Technical features:

1.UHF broadband seamless interference technology

2.Single adjustable switch technology controls power output

3.The effective power is high and the interference distance is large

4.Effective segmentation only interferes with drone control and video transmission frequencies, and does not cause interference to other frequencies

5.Imported devices. The slow start circuit design can avoid the sparking phenomenon caused by the mechanical switch, and the integration degree is high and the work is stable.

6.Built-in battery, battery life 1-1.5 hours, charging 4 hours.


Instructions for use:

When all the switches are open, the UAV is shot down, and the 2.4G/GPS knob switch is turned off. Only the UAV is blocked from transmitting. When the GPS is turned off, the UW loses control when the 2.4G is turned off. At this time, the UAV returns. When the 2.4G is turned off, the UAV loses its position when it is turned on. At this time, the UAV remote control can be controlled.

After you have connected all the connections and connections, follow these steps:

1. Fully charge the built-in battery;

2. The trigger on the trigger butt is aligned with the drone launch;

3. Turn on each knob potentiometer switch, power output;

4. Do not open the main switch on the butt, do not interfere.



The antenna must be connected before the power is turned on. It is forbidden to remove the antenna when the host is working.

The interferometer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, avoiding large objects from being blocked as much as possible to ensure the shielding effect.

When using the shield outdoors, pay attention to waterproof and avoid exposure.

The antenna should be used vertically in the direction of the drone.


Packing list:

1 x gun-shaped drone jammer

3 x directional antenna

1 x AC/DC conversion charging power supply

1 x packing box


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