WiFi Exposure Krack Attack Vulnerability Personal information is threatened

On October 17, the WiFi encryption protocol has been exposed to significant security vulnerabilities. The WPA2 security encryption protocol, which is used to protect WiFi networks, has been hacked, Belgian researchers have found. This attack, known as Krack, means that the vast majority of the WiFi that users connect to is unsafe, including WiFi at home, and there is a risk of theft.
WPA2 is a security protocol for protecting modern WiFi networks. In addition to being able to wipe the web, it is more important to prevent users from stealing their communications. When hackers break through the WiFi network's WPA2 security protocol, they can master a universal secret key and access any network without a password. The most immediate effect of this is to make the home wireless network vulnerable. Users' credit CARDS, passwords, chat logs, photos, emails and other important information can be stolen by hackers, causing users to lose property.
Mathy Vanhoef, of the university of leuven in Belgium, said the WiFi security breach was due primarily to safety standards, not individual devices, but would still have an impact on devices connected to WiFi networks. The WiFi leak will affect Google's android, apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows operating system.
According to Yang qibo, a security expert in the mobile security laboratory of tencent security laboratory, the Krack attack on the WiFi security protocol has enabled tencent's WiFi manager to open the Krack vulnerability defense patch, using the ARP continuous protection function to accurately detect the risks of ARP attack, DNS fraud, SSLStrip attack, false WiFi, etc. It is reported that tencent WiFi butler opened the ARP continuous protection, will continue to monitor and protect the entire cycle of WiFi connection.
Daily even WiFi has become the normal life of modern people, how to prevent the WiFi security hole for ordinary users? Yang qibo, a security expert at tencent's mobile security laboratory, gave the following precautions: first, the security vulnerabilities have been fixed by major system manufacturers, and users need to upgrade the operating system to the latest version in a timely manner. At the same time, the user can update the router hardware in time, pay attention to the latest news from the router manufacturer, upgrade the router's latest firmware or replace the router hardware directly.
Secondly, in order to avoid the risk of WiFi, users should not connect with the WiFi, install tencent WiFi housekeeper, connect high-quality WiFi, and identify security risks such as malicious and risk WiFi, so as to reduce the risk of being attacked. It can also install tencent mobile butler, and kill all kinds of WiFi attack malware and Trojan virus, and further guarantee cell phone security. Finally, a user in the mobile phone website, use the HTTPS protocol sites as far as possible, to prevent the login information to be intercepted, thus protecting your data safe.It's also your best bet to buy WiFi jammer, which protects your information all the time and makes it hard for lawless people to take advantage of it.
The rapid development of mobile Internet has also led to a growing number of attacks by hackers. To remind users to enjoy the convenience of network, they also need to improve their awareness of network risk, take appropriate measures in advance, and use security tools such as tencent mobile butler and tencent WiFi butler to avoid cyber attacks such as Trojan virus and risk WiFi.