The Rise And Anti - Jamming Of GPS Jammers

Information is now easily intercepted, especially when data and wireless technology are sent. GPS is no exception, facing more and more interference systems. There are no surprises in the investigation of innovation and application.
In the Texas lab, he showed his students his smartphone screen: we saw a map of Google, the blue dots showing the geography of their university. There was no such thing as a surprise. Suddenly, the blue dots began to move on the screen, as if the smartphone were on a moving car. Except he's still there, in the hands of scientists! The reason for this phenomenon is: a small box, in the workshop, as a GPS jammer. "It's a deceiver (" usurper"), a GPS simulator. It takes real signals from GPS satellites and then resends them at the same wavelength after a slight change in the coordinates. GPS systems in adjacent areas will be captured as a priority because it is more powerful than a satellite 20,000 kilometers from earth. If I installed a good antenna on the roof of this building, I could twist all the GPS in the area and even cross the city's planes.
Some consumer use of GPS jammers have already started appearing online. They are mainly produced by Chinese companies. But many do-it-yourself jammers can be dangerous when you understand the importance of GPS in many fields. Such as transportation (road, air, sea), logistics, traceability, guiding agricultural machinery, financial transaction verification, etc.
Disruptive or self-igniting innovation
Although more mini GPS jammer are professionals (armed forces, spies, terrorists, security companies, etc.) the use of, but we observed that they are widely used in personal, from now on or in the enterprise. For example, the online store sells for $99, which is as big as a mobile phone, so it is easy to hide in vehicles, luggage, etc. Being able to satisfy all the paranoid: jealous husbands, worried parents, zealous business leaders, etc.
If these interfering devices are successful in our private lives, the jammer may explode in the consumer market at any time, making it cheaper and more widely used. But the trend did not come to a sudden, after a British public and private group had developed a GPS jamming detector! Believe in the near future will be will get tremendous development, the development of GPS jammers will usher in a new wave of development, in this kind of interference and the interference of big fight, not from the technical development of comprehensive, so will be left behind.
In the United States, Todd Humphreys has developed a geographic location that police can use to find criminals.
Finally, the new USRP radio transmitter can communicate on all types of existing waveforms and is also proven to be an unmatched source of interference.
In short, the general interference and anti-interference wars have just begun! Looking forward to new technology development.
Two big family GPS jammers
So far, no significant GPS interference has been detected, but it is easy to come true. There may be two types of attacks:
This single channel interference: the jammer broadcasts the target paralysis than the target GPS signal. This is a disorientation that eventually leads to a halt to work.
In advanced interference: interference intercepting target signal, almost change. As in previous experiments, the location or route of a location or movement can be displayed in a different way.
Known applications
GPS jammers may be used in many cases. This is what we have thought of, or has been observed:
1.A sensitive public system (transport, finance, etc.) disoriented, track.
2.Stop tracking the location of the company's vehicles.
3.Turn on the GPS to prevent yourself and the vehicle from being tracked, disable the GPS tracking of the protected convoys to start the attack and damage.
4.Bypassing the embedded security system and committing the crime. For example, some car thieves use it.
Network transmission can still be intercepted
The use of GPS for furloughs is mainly using the Internet: exchanging data between satellites and terminals (GPS). A PC connected to a WiFi set-top box can isolate signals, interfere with signals or control, and sometimes even make threats to user safety. All interceptions are predictable, as it uses more and more technology. It's getting stronger and stronger.
These intercepts are actually good examples of what arrogance is called "attacking middlemen" (MITM), or good American "human rights middle road attack" (HDM). They make it understandable that the stakes of these attacks are the cautious invasions between transmitters and receivers. Therefore, the importance of encrypted transmission makes it impossible for possible intruders to operate on the transports, or at least understand it. For example, in WiFi, this translates to using WPA2 encryption.