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Cell Phone Jammer Informations

What is a cell phone jammer?

With the popularity of smart phones, cell phone signal jammers also play an important role in our life. What is a cell phone jammer? Do you know anything about it? And do you need a phone blocker jammer? Early mobile phones it is a signal jammers shielding signal, forcing mobile phone stop communications equipment, during the war, had to use, in order to cut off the besieged army for help information, using it blocked mobile communication signal, make its can't contact with the outside world, get reinforcements of rescue. With the increase of people demand for signal shielding, the market of mobile phone jammers is no longer just shielding signal, in addition to the GSM mobile phone, 3 g, 4 g, 4 g LTE signal, it joined other more signal spectrum, such as GPS tracking signal, wireless wifi network signals, and even audio and video signals, etc. In a word, with the development of technology, the definition of mobile cell phone blocker is becoming more and more widespread, but the main purpose is to block the signal and cut off cell phone communication. In addition, it has been involved in harassing phone calls and cell phone security.

Features of cell phone signal jammer

In the early days of mobile phone signal jammers, they had the most characteristic features, namely, to block cell phone signals and cut off communication. There is not much advantage on modelling, with the huge volume, the characteristics of heavy is extremely inconvenient to use, so there was no too many people use, mainly used in some important military activity is important or secret place. But with the development of science and technology and people's demand for it increases, the demand for factors such as the place of use, they are gradually perfecting and upgrading, the you see in the market of mobile phone shielding device has basically meet the demands of today's characteristics. Not only has the function been upgraded, but also has been greatly improved in the appearance. They have portable handheld and desktop design, and the antenna is designed according to its function, which is a very good jamming device for us.

Where need to cellphone jammers?

We are familiar with the problem of where to use the mobile jammer, because we used to be a school, and we are familiar with the school environment. Early on in our junior high school of time, we have seen the school above the blackboard there is a similar to the size of the speaker box, at first we didn't know it is the mobile phone signal shielding device, we think it's more of a small speakers, used in our radio and listen to music. But we didn't enjoy this service, but in our test, the teacher supervise is not so strict, so we know that one is shielding cell phone signal jammer device, usually it only open in the important exam, on the one hand is to prevent students cheating in the exam, on the other hand, do not use at ordinary times is afraid it blocked access to the teacher's cell phone, make the teacher miss the important meeting.

Mobile phone signal jammer equipment in addition to use in school, it is the place of use and field is very wide also, although we haven't been to prison, but we have seen the prison online using signal jammers. In addition, the large opera houses will also be installed with them, which will ensure that the entire performance is not disturbed by the mobile phone, which can be carried out smoothly. Of course, in places where there is a need to be quiet, where mobile phones are banned, they are also being installed, because they are a very important device for banning the use of mobile phones.

Not only that, with the development of smart phones and mobile phone jammers diy, a lot of people not to be disturbed by mobile phones, they will buy cell phone jammer, whether for home, office, or on their car. Although in many countries their laws are not allowed to be used by individuals, it is still very important in terms of personal security. As long as you don't use it to do harm to others, I think no one will know.

Cell phone jammer diy questions and answers

Q: How to choose the phone blocker?

A: Understand the types of signals you need to interfere with, including their frequency information, and then combine the places you need to use, and finally, depending on the price you want to buy the jammer.

Q: How to make a simple diy cell phone signal jammers?

A: First you have to understand what you need to block the signal spectrum, buy the corresponding parts, draw the circuit diagram, mobile phone jammers according to the steps, step by step implementation, you can easily make your mobile phone shielding device.

Q: Can the phone jammer block GPS tracking signals?

A: Yes, jammer-buy sale professional vehicle cell phone jammer device can also block GPS signals, which can block different signal types depending on the product.

Q: Can a cellphone jammer let the child put down the phone?

A: Yes, It can block cell phone signals, make mobile phones unable to work properly, children use mobile phones mainly to connect to the Internet, without network, they naturally put down their phones to learn.

Q: Does the mobile jammer device have waterproof function?

A: Yes, Here is the jammer device for your waterproof design, which is based on the characteristics of the product, not all products have this waterproof feature.