GPS L1 1500MHz - 1600MHz Frequency

GPS L1 band: the central frequency is 1575.42mhz,range of 1500mhz to 1600mhz. The L1 band is mainly for civil use and contains two kinds of codes, one is called rough capture code (C/A) code, the other is called fine ranging code (P code). All the L1 signals on all 24 satellites use the same frequency but do not interfere with each other, as each is amplified by a PRN code covering the 2.046MHz band. After PRN code amplification, GPS signal can not only be distinguished from other signals, but also have anti-interference ability.Its anti-jamming capability is mainly that it is not easy to be interfered by signals of other frequency bands, but it will be shielded by professional GPS jammer.

Portable GPS Jammer Cigarette Lighter Device for Car

gps l1 jammer

This portable GPS jammer used for cigarette lighter,it is specially designed for car to protect them from tracking. Small and lightweight designs are easy to carry.


Handheld Anti GPS L1 Jammer Protect Vehicle Position

gsm 4g band jammer

The mini GPS jammer is popular for the car drivers,it can block the normal tracking gps signal L1,portable and lightweight let it easy hidden and use.Jamming radius up to 15 meters.


Mini Portable Lightweight GSM 3G Jammer GPS Blocker

gps tracking blocker

3 Bands mini lightweight gps blocker also block gsm 3g phone signal,it is used more place,such as home,school,ourdoor car.Easy hidden is the main features and jamming radius about 15 meters.


Handheld Pocket GPS Jammer GSM 3G WiFi Signal Blocker

pocket gps blocker

Pocket GPS jammer with small lightweight features that are extremely easy to use outdoors, disturbance radius up to 10 meters. It has three mask signal combinations is GSM + 3G, GPS , WIFI.


Jammer by Frequency

GPS L2 Frequency 1220MHz - 1230MHz - GPS L3 Frequency 1200MHz - 1210MHz - GPS L4 1250MHz - 1280MHz - GPS L5 1170MHz - 1180MHz