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With the popularization of GPS satellite signal positioning and navigation, satellite signals are an important application technology in all major industries in the world. All applications of GPS are based on location, or from positioning. Taxi, car rental, logistics and other industries using GPS technology of vehicle tracking, scheduling management, reasonable distribution of vehicles, with the fastest speed response to the user's car or send a request, reduce energy consumption, save operating cost.By GPS vehicle navigation and positioning equipment to provide accurate information, in combination with electronic maps and real-time traffic conditions, the optimal path, automatic matching and implement autonomous navigation of the vehicle, we travel to provide the best protection.

Vehicle positioning and navigation and while convenient for our travel, if there are targeting outlaws, we tried to do some illegal for us, even a threat to our life safety, it is very convenient. In light of this, the vast majority of manufacturers are beginning to explore the frequency of satellite signals, creating a shielding device for the satellite's positioning signal, the GPS jammer currently sold on the market.

There are many kinds of GPS disruptors in the market, so what kind of interference device is good? What style is most popular with customers? Of course, we all feel that a device with a powerful function and a variety of shielding signals is excellent. Handheld GPS disruptors are more popular because GPS satellites track our location information. This 8 antenna handheld GPS disruptor is equipped with the above characteristics.Buy one for your location and security escort from our store.

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8 Bands High Power Mulitbands Mobile Phone WIFI Bluetooth Lojack GPS Jammer

A has eight antenna with the signal frequency shielding device you can get more, it interferes with the common cell phone signals, GSM 3 g 4 g, cut off the WIFI BLUETOOTH wireless signal, its shielding lojack and GPS tracking the position of the signal can also protect your information security. The interference radius can reach 30 meters, and it has more powerful features for the handheld jammer.