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GPS tracking device is built in GPS module and mobile communication module of mobile terminal equipment, the positioning of the data obtained by GPS module information through the network function of the communication module, the data information is sent to a server on the Internet, so that you can know the target position accurately, this is the basic working principle of tracking equipment.

Both personal tracking and vehicle tracking use satellite signal positioning.The car satellite navigation system needs to rely on GPS to determine the location of the car. Most basic, GPS needs to know the longitude and latitude of the car, and in some special cases, GPS also needs to know the altitude to accurately locate.The information provided by GPS signals and speedometer devices is provided to the vehicle navigation system through the receiver, and is analyzed and processed by the software system and overlapped on the stored map.

Whereabouts control for children and the elderly, highway patrol, precious cargo tracking, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, vehicle anti-theft, bank, military police exercise control, check the tracking, fleet management, etc many fields. The children's smart watches on the market are typical of these.

Tracker while help us know the location of a target things whereabouts, leaking equipment may also become our position, it can be to our location tracking, send data to the tracker disrupt device installed. Maybe you haven't been tracked by them yet, but to make sure they're safe, you should use a tracking device.

You may not have been tracked by this device, but aren't you worried that you might be constantly monitored and tracked? Is necessary to adopt the tracking tool in advance, and can help you object tracking GPS jammer, let you don't receive the tracking of the signals from the satellite tracking, not being followed all don't know, also make you more rest assured to go to any place you don't want to be others know.

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2 Antennas Mini Portable Anti GPS Signal Tracking Jammer Blocker for Car

As a small portable GPS jammer, it can be used outside any place that needs protection, such as a car. You don't want to be known by others. Using this 2 antenna jammer is a good choice. It interferes with the basic GPS satellite signal, with a maximum radius of up to 15 meters, and the car charger is more convenient for your car and solves its power problem.