All GPS frequency scrambler jammer

GPS is the terminal of positioning or navigation by receiving satellite signals. GPS satellite signals are divided into L1, L2, L3, L4, L5. The commonly used frequency bands are L1 and L2, with frequency of 1575.42MHZ and 1228MHZ, where L1 is an open civil signal and the signal is circular polarization. Therefore, the GPS jammer in the market is mainly aimed at these two signal frequencies. The signal strength is -166dbw, which is a weak signal. These features determine the preparation of specialized antennas for the reception of GPS signals.

The GPS system consists of three parts: the control part, the space part and the client. The space section and the control section are maintained by the U.S. military, primarily to ensure that the satellite is working properly and that the signals sent are accurate. The home end is the GPS receiver that everybody USES normally, although the form is various, but the basic operation is to receive the satellite signal and calculate the position of the receiver.

Based on the principle of GPS system, GPS receiver is strongly dependent on receiving satellite signals directly.The GPS receiver receives the 1575.42 MHz microwave signal from the satellite. All natural weather phenomena do not cover the GPS signal, but of course it has an impact on the positioning accuracy.Our life is the most commonly used GPS satellite signal frequency GPS L1 L2 signal, so there is no special requirements, you can only buy these two kinds of signal interference shielding apparatus equipment, do you think might have suffered from other tracking signal, then you should use the GPS frequency scrambler, stop all signals from the GPS satellite positioning device.

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Portable Multifunctional WIFI Bluetooth Video Audio GPS L1 - L5 Frequency Jammers

This is a golden handheld jammer, it has a wide variety of shielding signal combinations, including the full frequency GPS L1 - L5, you worry about the satellite signal tracking, you have to buy this 5 antenna portable jammer, it stops all the GPS tracking signal equipment, interference radius around 20 meters, the car charger for outdoor use more convenient for you. If you like its shape, you can choose other signal shielding combinations.