GPS map navigation scrambling device

GPS navigation system is based on satellite positioning technology, which will input the location information of two points on the navigation system to obtain the location information, so as to plan the best route on the map. In addition, the current navigation system and modify the function of user because didn't pay attention to miss crossing, not according to the pre-determined route, navigation system again by the position of the current location and destination planning a new route. 200 meters above the vehicle position deviation from the best line trajectory, car GPS navigation system will be according to the position of the new vehicle, to design a route back to the main route for the user, or for the user to design a from the best position to the finish line.

By receiving satellite signals, GPS can accurately locate its location, and its position error is less than 10 meters. If the machine has a map, it can be marked with a mark on the map.By using GPS to calculate the satellite signal, we can calculate the specific speed of driving, which is much more accurate than the typical odometer.GPS need to be within the direct line of sight of synchronous satellite car navigation system to work, so the tunnels, Bridges, or high-rise buildings will block the direct line of sight, the navigation system will not work.

In recent years, the development of automobile navigation system is very rapid. People not only can choose when buying a new car navigation systems as choice, also can install the device in the existing car, even installed a mobile satellite navigation system, drive the car and put it in the car.Due to the GPS satellite positioning and GPS tracking are important for military.For GPS satellite navigation system, the GPS map navigation scrambling device is used to interfere with the signal frequency.

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The 4 antenna portable GSM 3g GPS wifi signal interference device has a powerful function. In addition, it has the signal frequency of 433mhz 315mhz and 868mhz. Small and light is its characteristic, convenient outdoor all privacy protection activity, the interference radius can reach up to 15 meters.